Sunday, July 2, 2017

Q2 - cushion insert

I decided to squeeze in last minute finish for 2017 FAL. Here is my list, I'm ending up with 2/6 score. Not perfect but better than Q1 with none finishes.

I took apart large insert cushion and added layer of batting. I used most of the inside filling to fill up some softies I made previously. I created a grid with a zig zag stitch. No measuring, no marking as you see :)

I folded the piece and left an opening gap which I used for filling.

No idea why I procrastinate so long. Tada, custom size insert cushion!

I can finally give it. It's complete. If you want to learn more about the cover click here.
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  1. No need for the pillow to be perfect, and it looks great in the custom cover!


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