Thursday, September 28, 2017

Cat cases

Hello there! I'm still alive and finally I have something to share :) Don't ask me where August and September went. We are doing fine just a little busy with life.

These cases are intended for bus travel for the girls. They both are attending the school and taking bus home.

There is zipper pocket for the money on one side and see through vinyl pocket for the ID they need.

They both liked this fabric with cats (local print) and I had just enough to make two cases. No leftovers. That's the way I like it :)

I added a bit of hand stitches on one of them to add a bit of color. I might also make different straps but these were just fine for picture taking.

I was so optimistic at the beginning of this quarter but I might end up with no finishes out of my FAL Q3 list but that is fine too. No stress. There are still two days to go :)

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  1. The red hand stitching is a lovely touch. Very sweet that both your girls like the same fabric. :)

  2. That cat print is very cute and the red hand stitching makes a nice accent :)

  3. Vera, these cases are just wonderful. I think these are great for your girls and helps them feel very grown up.
    Here in the US, everyone should have ID, but some people think that is mean and "racist". I am not sure why or how that makes sense.
    When we lived in Brussels, Germany, and in France, we had to have full ID and we were just kids.
    I do know in most countries ID is required.
    Here in the US..... some people think it is "too hard" to obtain ID
    I am glad that you are still alive. Keep breathing Vera. I am too.
    Life is very busy.
    I am so glad to hear from you

  4. Such cute ID holders! I love the cat print and the hand quilting.

  5. great idea Vera for holding their bus passes etc. I am sure the girls love them. Good to read your blog posts


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