Friday, December 29, 2017


Since these pouches were given away I can share them with you.

Echino looks great on any bag or pouch.

Finding and using matching zippers makes me happy. Zippers make me happy for reason unknown in general.

I also like long zippers which makes perfect handle.

I make majority of all pouches out of one piece of fabric. Sometimes I put extra stitches at the bottom.

I use one piece for lining as well. It means no extra seam inside.

I also made few more vinyl pouches. I shared the tut in this post.

My last project was team sewing. Mommy+daughter. The task was to create something pink starting with letter T.

So we made pink pouch with three triangles and pink tulip. Pouch in my language is called taštička so it fits perfectly.

There was hidden lollipop inside the tulip.
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  1. Love all your pouches. I haven't tried to make one but you have inspired me.

  2. Happy New year Very. Thank you so much for all of your creativity and sharing so enthusiastically. Your pouches are really special.
    I hope you have a snuggly winter. Here it is really cold. I have to wear insulated pants where ever I go, and then when I get there inside, it gets hot so fast. Seasons are fun, right? I hope you and your family have another great fun year

  3. What a clever joint creation with your daughter! Lovely pouches, all. :)

  4. I love all your zipper pouches, Vera.
    Does tulip still start with a t in your language too?
    I was worried the tulip would have to be destroyed to eat the lollipop, but I can see how the lolly can pop out the top with damaging the felt. So very clever!

  5. Cute pouches!! Off to check out the tutorial for those little vinyl ones...


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