Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sewing table

I recently bought wide table for my sewing machine. The reason was my machine has a strange shape which was hard to copy and make as drop down into table. This wide table has changed the shape which suited my needs.

That's how the process started. Handy husband is definitely necessary for this type of upgrade.

White shelf was added to match the drawers.

We have also added one more leg for extra support.

Here is peak from below.

It fits wonderfully. We only forgot about the power button on the side :)

But it was an easy fix.

Looking good to me :) and there is FMQ challenge starting this Monday! Coincidence?


  1. It looks fantastic, Vera! Enjoy your new larger, flat working surface!

  2. I'm green with envy!! It looks amazing - I'll have to show this to DH and hopefully it will spark some action ;-). Have fun with FMQ!

  3. what a difference, huh? You are going to love this.
    Your husband did a wonderful job.
    My husband is not handy with cutting tools, building or engineering.
    I am though. It is just in my nature.
    I separated our dining room table (very antique solid maple, I think) and put a stationary support under the table Then cut wood to surround the machine for fmq. I have my other machine for sewing, and sadly this epic set up just sits and waits. I should do some quilting
    Your set up is wonderful

  4. Great new table! I have always wanted a table that I could drop my machine down into, it would be much better ergonomics.

  5. very good, but where does one get a handy husband .....

  6. Your husband did a great job. I don’t think mine could be this precise or get everything as level! I really need to take a carpentry course.

  7. I love this! Your husband did an excellent job. Where did you get the table? It's just perfect for this and the drawers under it.


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