Friday, April 20, 2018

The 100 day project - part 2

This week I made this trio.

I started with little pouch which I made out of leftovers.

It is classic open wide pouch with added handle.

I make these pouches out of one piece so there is no seam at the bottom.

The lining is also out of one piece.

Second pouch I made this week is out of Echino scraps and selvadges.

I didn't feel like making zipper end so I just folded the end of zipper and added D ring.

I just love the look of Echino fabrics :)

It might not look like but it is also just one piece.

And no seam at the bottom ;)

I also made these tiny covers. They are designed for 1 coin which some stores use for shopping carts. I made mine to carry my earings. Due to morning rush I sometimes forget earings and it bothers me later during the day so now I'll carry extra pair just in case. That's it :)

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  1. Great makes for the week! Having a spare pair of earrings is smart.

  2. Thank you for all the details. Great finishes.

  3. great makes, and I love them all. I love pouches and great idea for the earrings. Perfect for holidays too

  4. I used to always carry "emergency" earrings. It would have been nice to have a cute little pouch to keep them in. Great idea!


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