Sunday, February 3, 2019

Q1 - cushion 5X

Here we go! My first finish from Q1 FAL list.

I got this idea when I was making the list back in January.

It doesn't have perfectly matching zipper but it is hidden anyway :) I'm breaking up my own rules.

See. The back is just plain and simple.

The whole design is pretty simple. It is a gift for male for 50th birthday so I was not aiming for anything girly and fancy. Each cross represents 10 years. 50 = 5 crosses. Plus the cushion is 50x50cm. The binding finished the cover pretty nicely.

1 goal down, 4 to go .. I'll be linking up with:

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  2. Beautifully constructed. The zipper has a more masculine feel to it which seems very appropriate for this gift.

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