Sunday, February 9, 2020


Never heard of Echino fabric? It's the most beautiful fabric for bag making. Thanks to google I can provide full definition: Echino is the range of fabrics by Etsuko Furuya for Kokka Japan. Fresh,funky and slightly retro designs. Many of these fabrics are a cotton linen mix of a medium to heavyweight and are ideal for craft projects, bags, cushions etc.

I love the colours, prints and texture.

My husband brought me this fabric in two colourways directly from Japan but it's available in many fabric shops all over the world.

During January I made these simple pocket like pouches plus this little one from cutting leftovers.

I have few more prints and I love them all. I will be making new bag soon since the one I previously made is worn out from the daily use. 


  1. Beautiful fabrics and fun pouches.

  2. There is no better compliment than using something so much it wears out; nice! I look forward to seeing what you replace it with.

  3. these are exceptional. Great fabrics!!

  4. I have seen your blog image you are doing beautiful work and made style great love the fabrics for your bag and zips. How's it going ? digitizing


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