Monday, August 25, 2014

Around the World Blog hop

Last Monday I was tagged by Yvonne - Quilting Jetgirl so it's my turn of Around the World Blog hop. Check out her post to learn more about the hop and Yvonne.

I took the opportunity to introduce myself a bit especially to new followers but now I struggle with what to say. Why don't you just see my About page and my intro for New Blogger blog hop.

1.What am I working on?

I'm trying to behave and I'm working on my FAL Q3 list. That is sneak peak of my super secret project which I'll share soon. I'll be probably working with those bright batiks until I use the very last bit.

2. How does my work differ from others?

You will hardly see latest fabric lines. I like to combine what I have on hand with what is available locally. I also like to twist patterns to make it my own. I keep things simple and I'm not driven towards trends. My style still evolves but I'm having a bit of rainbow phase.

3. Why do I create?

I think. I think a lot. I think about things I shouldn't be. Creating is one of the activities when my brain switches off. It switches into pleasant mode when I only concentrate on matching colors and when I dream about new projects.

4. How does my writing/creating process work?

I usually have way too many ideas. As deadline approaches I narrow them down. I try something out and adjust as I go. I don't plan or sketch too much as my ideas are changing a lot. I don't schedule my posts either. I just write whenever I have time or project to talk about. I also have to have the right mood. If I'm not feeling like doing something I just don't. You see, we are back to SIMPLE :)

As part of the blog hop I would like to introduce you to some lovely ladies. We need to keep the blog hop going!

I start with Janeen from Quilt Art Designs. She is paper piecing maniac. She made so many fab patterns and you should check her out. She also recently started new Friday linky party for Paper Piecing. Her post will be up next week.

I was asked by Nesta if I wanted to participate. Her post is also up this Monday so you don't have to wait whole week to read more about her @ Ella & Nesta's Little Room. She makes all kinds of cute things and she is located in Italy.

I would also like to mention Nurdan @ Hug-a-Bit Quilts She is being tagged by someone else (hello Jo!) but she is just starting new Monday linky called Monday Makers. You might want to check it out and join in as well.


  1. Anonymous25/8/14 09:10

    It was nice to get to know you just a little better. I like your style and your process.
    On a side note, where did you get that brain picture from? It's pretty cool.

  2. I will say it one more time: I LOVE whatever you do woman! They say the best creations are the products of busy minds. Now you proved how you are coming up with all these beautiful stuff!! Keep creating! (And thank you for the advertisement of Monday Makers! :)

  3. :) that's what I did through your entire post. And laughed out loud when reading why you create - you have to create, that brain needs the color relief ;) and we get to enjoy the beautiful outcome!

  4. Anonymous25/8/14 12:37

    I like the way you twist patterns and designs to make them your own. That and your eye for colour are two of your many strengths.

  5. I love rainbow colors too as long as the fabric is crisp and bright, they make happy projects. Thanks for the new linky parties- will be checking them out

  6. I love your rainbow projects especially - and also that you don't just follow the latest trends :-)

  7. OMG that rainbow stack is DIVINE - I want to run to your house (well, fly first, then run, LOL) and grab it and dive into it!! Can't wait to see what project(s) it's going to turn into :D

    I'm going to check out the paper piecing and Monday Makes linky parties - I have a few PP patterns that I've been meaning to use for specific projects that I really would like to (finally!) get to, lol. Plus - who doesn't like a good reason to start a new project on a Monday? LOL!!!!

  8. I love the description of creativity being able to help turn off the noise in your mind; I think that is so true for many of us. I love your rainbow phase, and your yummy stack of fabric makes me want to go pull some rainbow colors, too! Thank you so much for playing along.

  9. Oh wow! You are amazing at rainbows! and I love that you make the pattern your own!

  10. Sigh. I never get tired of seeing those projects :D

  11. Love your creative independence! Looking forward to seeing what you do with those rainbow fabrics!

  12. I love you that you quilt in order to stop thinking. Me too! Inside of my head often feels like what I imagine as Grand Central Station at rush hour but quilting feels like meditation. Really enjoying your Rainbow phase.

  13. I love the bold ways you use color... and that you don't follow "rules!" You are an awesome artist and quilter!

  14. I follow your blog because I love your work and even more, I love your attitude. If I need a lift I can always check and see what you're up too. Thanks for your endless inspiration and tips. I appreciate them all.

  15. I love your rainbow quilts, so fun and colorful.


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