Sunday, August 31, 2014

August goal achieved

Here we go again. This time I'm catching up with deadline for August ALYoF. My goal was to finish this Ballerinas quilt and I made it!

You could see me hand quilting it. Machine quilting is fairly simple since the thick batting is PITA. Just a few straight lines across the quilt to keep the layers together.

Once again I used polar fleece for the back. As you can see I sewed the binding on prior trimming. It prevents the polar fleece edges from stretching and you end up with no puckers. Yay!

I wanted some pink binding but I didn't have enough so there were few other alternatives in game but my girl picked this green with pink dots. Honestly I just wanted to finish it so if it works for her, works for me too.

The binding is machine stitched. Do you also count the corners while sewing?

It is like one, we just began.
Two, you half way through.
Three, keep going and breath! At that point I'm getting really excited about being almost done.
Four, here we go! Almost there, few more stitches and DONE! Yippee!

That is obviously good news. The bad weather helped since it kept us inside but on the other hand I'm not able to take proper outdoor pics. So that's it for today. I'll talk more about the quilt within few days so stay tuned if you interested. It'll be my project for Craft Book Month.


  1. Gorgeous Vera, love those 3D pin wheels - Chris :D

  2. Nice tip about sewing the binding before trimming the backing. Thanks. I look forward to a few more snaps later :D

  3. Oh, it looks warm and comfy! I've never put fleece on the back of a quilt yet, but I'll remember your tip about the binding when I do.

  4. A je to tady.... hotovo!
    Ukázat celou, prosííím...

  5. There you go Vera, this turned out so darling! I love the, I love it ALL. That binding is perfect for this. It looks so arm and cuddly.

  6. LOL Vera - I am a corner counter too!
    Your quilt finished up great! Thank you for sharing your tip on sewing the binding on before trimming!

  7. Love the colours in this one. Your daughter will love it.
    When will this rain stop?

  8. Your ballet quilt is lovely! Im sure your daughter will love it!
    I also count corners, also the pieces until half way, then just before I make the last, last seam on my blocks I clean my desk so that once my block is finished I can lay it out on a clean surface and know that it is all done! OCD! LOL!

  9. Congratulations on the finish, Vera! I totally count the corners when binding! Your description is spot on!

  10. Oh - were you working on the Ballerinas quilt? I had no idea!!! ;) LOVE IT!! I'm so glad you got it done in time and I'm sure your daughter just LOVES it! I can't wait to see a picture of the completed quilt, when the weather allows :)

  11. I absolutely adore this quilt. I think the green and pink dotted binding fabric was perfect.

  12. Love your rhyme for the binding! It's a nice feeling to be on that last section!

  13. I'll remember that tip if I ever back a quilt with polar fleece!
    I like the pink and green spots, but I love spots, and I also love pink and green together.

  14. What an excellent tip , when sewing binding and polar fleece! This quilt is gonna be awesome! I love seeing the 3D pinwheels!!

  15. I've seen on another blog where she starts close to the first corner so the countdown starts sooner :)


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