Wednesday, April 13, 2016

2016 - Q2 FAL list

I'm taking different approach this time around. Instead of making my Q2 FAL list crazy long I only kept those projects with progress made.

2016 FAL

My Q1 score is 2/10

Surprise surprise there are only rainbow projects on my list.

#1 Disco quilt - my friend loaded it onto her long arm. We have change things up and I'm so excited about it. I hope to share all details soon.

#2 DM quilt - note to self. FINISH that thing! :) So snugly even with the pins on.

#3 cushion - I need a cushion to go with the quilt right? Yeah, exactly!


  1. All the rainbows! :) Looking forward to watching them grow and shine.

  2. Oooh - that Disco quilt has me really intrigued!

  3. LOL- love that rainbow vomit graphic! You can never have too much rainbow -- especially yours, Vera!

  4. I think of you when I see pretty rainbow projects, so I'd say you've chosen well, lol!

  5. This blog post made me smile. Great projects you've got. I took a similar approach - just registered 2.


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