Saturday, April 30, 2016

OMG finished

Beleive it or not I have completed my OMG April goal! Yay!

Here is little tip for you. I add my binding on prior squaring the quilt. The backing is stretchy and it is much easier to work with it this way.

Yeah right, I don't really square my quilts. Once you have some pattern and border I rather go by visual appearance than perfectly square quilt.

See no puckers. I quilted some parts by hand. Only two layers - top and batting plus simple echo pattern quilting with zigzag stitch once backing added.

Plus the material is kind of messy once you cut into it. That's why I left it to the very end.

I used zigzag stich on binding as well. It deserves some extra photo shoot so stay tuned for more pics of the whole quilt :)

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  1. OMG I love it! I have one of these on my to-do list and yours looks great! Thanks for the idea about putting binding on before trimming up the quilt - I have a top that is about to get a minky backing and I think I will do it this way too.

  2. I think adding the binding on before you trim is really great advice when working with minky or a very fuzzy backing. I bet this quilt is so soft and snuggly. Congratulations on the finish!

  3. Your quilt looks lovely - so cozy!

  4. Great finish! I love the color with the grey and it looks so comfy too.

  5. Vera, this turned out very Vera Elegant. heehee
    I love it. I hope you are enjoying springtime.
    I hope your adorable kids and husband are behaving too.
    You know, bc you are the boss.
    Love, Rosemary

  6. WOW that's gorgeous - that's one heck of a fine finish for April!

  7. I have never used a minky backing, all that potential fraying put me off. Your quilt looks great as always.

  8. Pretty Pretty! I like the 'radiant' layout, and of course I love the quilting! Good tip to attach binding before trimming - I can see the benefits when working with the stretchy back. Looks so cozy, good job Vera!


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