Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday Mix

Not much sewing going on here but I would like to take a part in #mmrcushionpalooza but we'll see if I can put my act together. You can read all about it here. Here is little sketch how I would like to quilt this plus piece but is it modern enough?
I aslo owe you the winner of Neglected giveaway. Comment No.4 is by @LittlePenguinQuilts
Congrats Diann!

Lately I have been making some jewellery. Few years back I was making many and I still have quite a stash so it's time to use those too.

These look like black but some pieces are sort of clear + black.

This weekend I finished this clear/silver piece. Both of them are one giant loop which is folded few times around to create the lenght I desire.

My girl turned 10 this Friday and she asked for pink cake. I haven't made any in long time but it ended up pretty well and it was very tasty too :)

And we had special visit from the dark side ...


  1. Hi, Vera, I just got your email and replied to it! Thanks again for the lovely giveaway! I love your minis and I think your plus mini will make a beautiful cushion! Happy Birthday to your daughter, and I loved her party guests!

  2. YES! Quilt that! It's lovely. If it's modern to you, it's modern enough!

  3. Oh my, she is in the double digits. What a fun birthday cake and visitors! :)

  4. Love your quilting idea! And Happy Birthday to your daughter! Such a pretty pink cake!

  5. Love your quilt - it is lovely! Your jewelry too!

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE your modern quilting for the mmrcushionpalooza! It reminds me of refracted light,in such gorgeous colors against the gray!
    Your necklaces are stunning, too!
    What a fun birthday!

  7. Your quilting plan is beautiful - love it! Happy birthday to your girl. Hope she enjoyed your visitors!

  8. I LOVE your pieced block and your proposed quilting for it - just fabulous!!

  9. This is the prettiest block!! I love it.
    Your necklace is beautiful. I never wear jewelry anymore... it gets into my wrinkles hahahahhaaa
    Your daughter is adorable. Time just flies. So GLAD Darth Vader made it to the party. Just awesome sauce!!

  10. I think your plus block is totally modern. Go for it. The cushion palooza looks like fun. I want to join in too, but I know I do not have time.
    The pink birthday cake looks amazing. It is far fancier than anything I can bake.
    Darth Vader is very tall!


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