Friday, September 16, 2016

Scrappy pouches

I finally finished these pouches. You could see the panels here.

My fav part is the color thread and no seam at the bottom.

The back side is just plain decorated with the thread.

The second pouch is just quilted in different direction. Not so densely.

With scraps on both sides.

Simple but pretty cute :)

Last pic with the one I previously made out of these scraps.

Plus I took a pics of the jewellery I made while ago. So Laura does it still look like garden hose? :-D

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  1. Your pouches are wonderful. I too enjoy the challenge of gleaned scraps although I prefer batiks and hand dyes.

  2. Love those pouches. And the stitching looks really great. Thanks for joining up with #scraptastictuesday

  3. The pouches are beautiful and I love the necklace and how you can twist it!

  4. I do love how there is no seam on the bottom, and the matching bold thread color that becomes high contrast in the gray is delightful, too.

  5. I love how you stitched those zippies up, Vera - you always come up with such cute designs! Nice necklace too - it goes well with the zippies :D

  6. Your pouches are very pretty! I love all the stitching.

  7. Pouches turned out fabulous! Love the quilting!

  8. Beautiful, as always Vera! Your work is so appealing - love it. :-)

  9. adorable bags. They are so jaunty and snazzy. I love your signature grey and the colorful sewing.
    The green necklace is pretty cool. very modern and I love the closure with the gems. I would wear that.... and on such an old lady like me, everyone would look twice. :-D

  10. Love the pouches! Cute ♥

  11. You have a great set of coordinating bags there. Will you keep them together as a set or split them up?
    I think the necklace looks really smart! I have no idea what it is made of.

  12. I just love the necklace you made, what a great idea! And those pouches, LOVE. Thanks for linking up


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