Saturday, January 27, 2018

Tutorial: paper tin cover

For making paper tin cover you will obviously need some paper tins. My tins come mostly from alternative coffee products, granulated tea for kids or müsli.

For creating post stamp blocks I have used this tutorial. It's easy technique which I previously used on few projects.

To determine the size of your block measure your tin and add a little bit to each side. I mostly add approximately 0.5" but in this case it depends on the size of your squares used to make the block.

Since there is already interfacing in these blocks I do not add any batting. If you will use batting make it the size of your tin without the folding addition.

Here you can see the top with exceeded fabric folded over and top stitched. The bottom looks the same. Once you have your block top stitched at the top and bottom you wrap it around your tin and pin to determine where to sew together.

And that's it. Turn it around and slide on your tin.

It's fairly easy. I did not use exact measurements in this tutorial since all tins are different. I hope you find it useful and try it yourself.

If you would like to hang your tin on rod just like I do add piece of ribbon and button for that purpose. The ribbon is added prior sewing the whole piece together.

You can also use any other type of block or just plain fabric. Just add piece of batting or make it as QAYG. Dress it up to suit your needs. Here are some examples.

I do get asked what do I put inside. Well here is peak. Not all my tins are fully loaded since I finished them just yesterday :)


  1. Vera Thank you!!! This is terrific. I have needed to make more fabric pails, in colour specific fabrics to help organize my scraps. Definitely adding (bookmarking) this page to my must-do list. :-)

  2. This is very cute. I love making these sorts of things too. I have one I made for my car to use as a little litter bin, of course I have a "bread bag" inside as a liner and no cover. I clip it to my back seat. It looks very snazzy and everyone things you spend your whole life sewing (of course we do, or we would if we could, it is just that other stuff inbetween we have to wrestle with)
    I love the bins, you could tape or embroider a tape as the contents.
    Sometimes I make things like this for friends and they are so interested hahahaha too bad

  3. What a clever idea! It would be great to distinguish one reused jar from another, and maybe even give a hint of what is inside.

  4. Thanks for the tutorial. It's a long time since I saw that kind of packaging, but it's a great idea, and as the use of plastic is controversial nowadays, we may be seeing cardboard packages more in future.

  5. Very cool and so pretty - thanks!

  6. Great idea, and your covers are so beautiful!

  7. Once again, these are beautiful. Thanks for taking the time to make a tutorial for us. This would work for any type of tin - paper, plastic, anything really.

  8. What a fun tutorial, your covers are so cute!

  9. Thank you for the tutorial and the great storage idea!

  10. What a great storage idea, Vera - practical and pretty.

  11. What a lovely idea and they do look so pretty! Thank you so much for sharing your tutorial, makes it all much easier for us. I can see some tins in my near future!

  12. These are so cute and such a great idea - thanks for sharing the tutorial


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