Sunday, August 11, 2019


This might be my new thing. I really love these bookmarks :)

I used up one book completely. Don't worry. It was an old crap which I found in library for free. Plus these are made for good cause. They will be sold and money will go to charity purposes.

I attend crafty Thursday at local library and we were in search of easy projects which could be than sold. Bookmarks seems very suitable. I searched the net for inspiration and I really liked pressed flowers idea.

Just flowers looks lovely but I expanded the idea with the book page.

I tried feathers, flowers, crayons pearl cotton. Four pieces per one laminated pouch. I have only simple photo laminator.

These are yet to be cut.

This one is my favourite. Crayons make a bit of mess but looks great!


  1. That's a really clever idea, Vera. I especially like the ones with the flowers where more of the book text shows. I think the delicate appearance is very inviting. You should be able to sell all the ones you make. Good luck!

  2. These are beautiful. I could imagine even making pretty artful arrangements to hang in a window or from a string in the light. Sort of like stained glass.
    Beautiful as always Vera


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