Saturday, April 5, 2014

Prague Patchwork Meeting

Today I'm going to show and tell you a bit about the quilt show I went to yesterday.

These were my fav quilts there. Monochromatic by Barbara Lange.

I also liked section where the quilts were called Shapes but I didn't pay much attention to the labels. Some were by Uta Lenk but not sure if all of them.

*Update: all the shapes quilt were by Uta Lenk.

My eye also caught quilts in Challenge Mother Nature.

Especially quilts by Czech author Jaroslava Grycová. These tiny pieces were absolutely amazing in detail.

There was also quilt by Joanna from Shape Month maybe you read her post about this quilt.

I was happy to see some Vasarely art as well. I actually found this as free pattern some time ago and if I had a bucket list this would be on it. No, yellow will not make it into my quilt :-)

Challenge Application had some fun pieces in it as well. This one was called Anatomy of the Old Age.

There were few section that didn't really speak to me so no pics of those. Carnival of Fabrics was good in improv piecing but all those colors randomly put together scared me away. I also got the true sense of minis due to Traditional and Miniature section.

Leslie Harwood is probably the queen of tiniest pieces ever. She had quite a few there.

It was my second time going to this quilt show. As I said yesterday to me it is more social thing. I get much more inspiration on the web and from bloggers I follow. I don't have an intention to send a quilt there. One of the reasons is that the section for Czech quilts has the worst lighting. See for yourself. Would you like to have a shadow to half of your quilt or be in the shadow on the side? Not to mention one quilt hanging on blue plastic cover sheet which was all over the other side.

I have much more pics. I'll share some next time if you interested or maybe just a few more.

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  1. Wow beautiful set of quilts! Looks like such a nice show to go to.

  2. Věrko, nádherné quilty jsi vybrala. Některé jsem už viděla u holek a některé nově. Jsem tak ráda, že aspoň zprostředkovaně mohu vidět tu krásu. Ten monochromatický je můj styl, ten předposlední, to je něco, na co se chystám, až budeme mít větší bydlení a ten od Joany... nedávno jsem prosila neteř, zda by mi v tomto stylu namalovala obrázek a to jsem netušila, že to někdo převede do quiltu. :-) Tak jdu k ní na blog. Vasarely - to je také něco, co bych chtěla zkusit, tak jako i kaleidoskopy, takže při mém tempu je to plán na desetiletí. :-)

  3. What beautiful quilts! I recently went to my very first quilt show, I walked around with my mouth hanging open ;) how rude! LOL I agree with you, my inspiration comes from the very talented ladies and gentlemen of the blogosphere. It was, however, really cool to see so many different techniques and styles in person.

    Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  4. Some of these quilts are fantastic, thank you for sharing them.

  5. Thanks for showing us your photos - I love the Leslie Harwood mini, and Shape Moths. I agree about the Czech quilts!

  6. Thank you for your nice comments - you made my day!

  7. Thanks for sharing the photos. I don`t have shows in my area so it`s nice to see such a variety of quilts. The monochromatic quilts, blew me away.

  8. Thank you for photos (and for the photo of my quilt :). I planned to go to Prague this year, but life 's life... I didn't manage to do that. There were pretty amazing quilts displayed there.

  9. Chceme vic! :) Please, add more photos. :)

  10. Anonymous7/4/14 00:38

    I enjoy humorous quilts, and Anatomy of Old Age is a good one! Also loved the second and third from the last (without names). I get inspiration everywhere--quilt shows, blogs, books, architecture . . .

  11. "Shapes" are all by Uta Lenk - the pictures you have shown are Shapes 10 (the one with greys and red) and Shapes 3 (the blue one) - and the large black-and-red one is from a different series, "Linienspiele XXVIII" (Play of Lines). Thanks for your comments!

  12. Wow, those are amazing! Just crazy. As a newbie to the quilt world, I am just staring in awe! Thanks for sharing.

  13. so, my lens pattern is at the Prague Patchwork Meeting again... And it's not Vasarely, thank you, it's my own pattern from the beginning to the end.


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