Thursday, May 14, 2015

Scraps in progress

Just a quick check-in. I had few triangles left from my Pantone project so instead of putting those into drawer I made two panels. I  used up all the remaining scraps and these more probably become pouches one day.

To give you idea of the size I took a pic on my cutting mat. Which is 60x40cm. Unfortunately no matching zippers, lol.

Plus I done some prep work for two more birds.

Do you have a scrappy project on your own? Don't forget to link up with Scraptastic Tuesday.
Plus it is time for Le Challenge - the theme is WOOD. I haven't started my project yet. Have you?


  1. No coordinating zippers? I find that so hard to believe, Vera! Those panels will make a very stunning pouch or two when you do find the right zippers. :)

  2. Thanks for the shout out and for linking up to #scraptastictuesday! Great idea to have pouch panels ready for a quick gift - need to get those zips though!

  3. It's so great how you utilize every scrap Vera! Did you already order a new and coordinating zipper? Those panels are going to make a wonderful pouch!

  4. "No matching zippers" - I find this really hard to believe, Vera! The panels are gorgeous! I think it is awesome that you use every scrap. . . we all know I am one of those wasteful types ;)

  5. I really like you panels - would even make a lovely tote bag maybe?

  6. That's going to be a pretty panel when it's done - I'm sure you'll find just the right zippers - you definitely have an eye for colours :)

    I was looking for something yesterday in my sewing room and I found a small bag of scraps in two different strawberry prints (white background and rose background). I found some pink zippers in my zipper container, and will patchwork the pieces together to make a couple of scrappy zipper bags. I even have strawberry charms for zipper pulls - it would be nice to use up those pretty fabrics - especially since strawberry season is coming up - our strawberry plants in the back yard are doing nicely :D

  7. Good idea not letting scraps into the drawer. It is easier to be motivated to use them when they are fresh, right?


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