Friday, May 1, 2015

PPM 2015

April was pretty good month. I managed to sew more, blog more and one of the highlights was Prague's Patchwork Meeting.

It was my third visit. It starts on Friday and goes on till Sunday. I visited on Saturday, probably the most busy day but I didn't mind. I take the train and enjoy the whole thing as a trip. I went to see the quilts and take pictures first. Then I met up with my friends and I had some fun time. I done some shopping too which I already shared.

I started with section A which was Architecture Challenge. Those were the ones that caught my eye.

Plus this one. I thought that was really fun idea and I liked the touch of hand quilting in it.

That's the winner.

If I'm not mistaken. This is section B - International Thread (maybe E as I'm not sure). Anyway who doesn't love monochromatic sorting? I do!

There are two names that I noticed last year already. Barbara Lange and Uta Lenk. I truly admire their quilts. I have to admit I feel like total dummy since I told Uta how I love her Monochromatic quilts but those were made by Barbara. Oh well :)

Moving on to section C - Kaffe Fasset, Brandon Mably.

I do like some of their fabrics and quilts but mostly they are a bit psychedelic for my taste and their wild color combos are way to much to handle for my OCD color sorting :)

Section D - Radiation. There were really some amazing pieces there as well. I might share some more separately.

There were also few sections I was totally not interested in. I told myself I won't even take pictures because why would I? No one wants to sort and show pics of things they don't really like.

Section L,M was for Grandmother's garden challenge. I believe that this one won. It looked really well. I especially like the addition of circles in it.

Section N - Czech quilts. This is the one I liked the most.

Section H - EPM 2014 Imagine. That's another piece by Barbara. You can check some of the other quilts on EPM website here. Some cool stuff as well.

I have more pictures so maybe I'll do Part No.2, we'll see.

May is going to be about Ice Hockey as the World Championship just started and we are the hosting country. It's hard to pass. BTW we are just loosing 1:3 with Sweden. Damn! :)

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  1. I am so glad to hear that you had the opportunity to sew more in April, Vera. And why photography quilts that don't speak to you as much? Might as well enjoy what does speak to you, I believe, and celebrate the fact that someone else might be different. Hooray that we are all different. The Czech quilt you photographed seems so reminiscent of your own style; it is lovely!

  2. I especially like the architectural pieces. And the radiation ones look interesting. Okay, and the monochromatic section...oh, my, what a great show! I wish I could see them in person, but will have to enjoy your pictures instead. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Those Architechture Challenge quilts look really interesting! The Grandmother's garden one looks pretty impressive...

  4. You are right Vera - this is a sight to see! Your quilt show is much more organized and artistic than the ones we have locally. I saw a lot here to love. My favorite one though is in the second photo of quilts, the one with the New York Beauty sections juxtaposed under the city skyscrapers and Empire State Building.


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