Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Where did June go?

As usual I felt like I have everything under control. That was the very beginning of June.

I started new job.
I finished my quilt top in time for the blog hop but all of the sudden someone stole my June!

I missed Le Challenge - theme Single. BTW I was going to do SINGLE fold binding on mug rug or something :)

I'm going to miss my ALYoF goal again and the link for FAL Q2 finishes is already open.

The good thing is I don't really stress out about it.

Life happens and I'm feeling pretty good :)

The highlight of June was definitely the number of likes on IG when Fat Quarter Shop shared my pic :) I also appreciate all your lovely comments. THANK YOU!


  1. I still love your quilt, I love the off centredness (is that a real word?)
    Le Challenge for July is direction, your seem to be in the right direction now

  2. It's a gorgeous quilt!! Best of luck in your new job! That's exciting. :)

  3. Woooohoooo congrats on the IG love - that quilt is gorgeous! I've long wanted to make a string quilt using the same off center design - I love wonky :D

  4. Your quilt is totally fabulous and I am super happy to hear that you are feeling happy and good. :) Everything else is secondary!!

  5. It's a wonderful and beautiful quilt!
    Greetings, Rike

  6. That quilt is stunning. I'm glad you're not stressing the little things because man, June flew by in a split second!

  7. Sometimes it's good to enjoy life and not worry about deadlines. Glad you are feeling happy and content with life! Congrats on the recognition of your wonderful quilt, too!

  8. Looks fab! Most importantly, I am glad your are enjoying life!

  9. Whoever stole your June might also be guilty of stealing the first half of my year. Where is time going?!

  10. Your Delectable Mountains is one of my very favorite quilts ever Vera! It has gotten a whole lot of repins on Pinterest too and I just pinned it again.
    June sure flew by. I hope you are liking your new job a lot!


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