Wednesday, July 1, 2015

WiP mix

Basically this was a little experiment of mine. I wanted to try if you can use postage stamp technique with HSTs as well. Plus I wanted to use up scraps as well.

It is quick and fun technique. It is all ironed on lightweight interfacing. As you can see on the first pic those little points looks good without extra sweat and matching. I only used 1/4" foot with guide to keep all my seams even.

Half way through looked pretty interesting too.

I wanted to make pouch at first but I'm feeling cushion would be better to show off all this colorful happiness :) Are your eyes also drawn to the little hour glass block?

To hide some stains I used some fun panels as an applique on T-shirts. They are ready for blanket stitch.

Plus I'm still working on Elephant parade. I added thin satin ribbon as legs. At first I wanted to stitch them down all the way but I will only stitch at the bottom.

And do you remember my giant eye turtle? It is all fixed now :)

Linking up with Lorna where you also find all those fun animals from Elephant parade:

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  1. My eyes go right to the pink hourglass block, Vera - before you even mentioned it I noticed that right away. And then it is fun to find the other patterns radiating out from there. :)

  2. Beautiful work here!

  3. Love the colours in your HSTs and yes!!! i noticed it before you even said it! LOL

  4. Yes, the hourglass was the first thing I saw! I forgot about this technique, and I really like how you did it with the HSTs. Ribbons for bird legs are so cute!

  5. I keep seeing this technique mentioned all over the blogisphere, but have not yet. Your use of those hst's in this method is fantastic and I agree a pillow would be perfect for showing them off. Those little ribbon legs on your bird blocks look great and so does the turtle's eye. Lovely work, Vera!

  6. Gorgeous Pillow top !! I love your fabrics and layout! I will have to try the interfacing technique.
    Your turtle and birds are adorable.

  7. Those HST and postage stamps are so cute! Love those fun critters too!

  8. You can't go wrong with rainbow scrappy goodness :) Great looking quilt top.

  9. Love the rainbow! I sewed some daft small HSTs recently too but didn't use interfacing. I just sewed. They seemed to work ok, but maybe I should try this to see if it is easier.

  10. It is so lovely how you pair brights with neutrals Vera! This postage stamp pillow top is wonderful! LOL - I could not find the hourglass block at first, but when I finally saw it I thought I must be blind. Love your sweet t-shirt appliques too. Little elephant is coming along steady and sure - how fun that you used ribbons for the birdie feet.

  11. I love the idea of ribbons as the legs on the little birdies! I'm working on an Elephant Parade, too and decided to piece in legs.


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