Tuesday, February 2, 2016

OMG February

OMG it's February already! I'm going to have fun every month with this perfect linky party name!

My goal is to finish this bag. I want to add zipper pocket but I'm undecided if it's going to be green or pink :) My choice is based on the lining fabric.

To give me some extra motivation it's also my project for 4x7 challenge.

Berry Barn Designs

I was also brainstorming what else to add to my selfish sewing and I would like to finish this quilt for myself.

I have bought cuddly quilt for backing and I brought some batting. The quilting will be simple that's for sure. So yeah, I spent some time planning and shopping. Sounds like a good start to me :)

I'm also thinking about joing #purplesewingchallenge. We'll see.


  1. The fabrics and zippers for your bag look terrific Vera!
    Love your quilt and can't blame you for wanting to keep it for yourself!

  2. Oh, that quilt!!! Thanks for playing along, Vera! I really can't wait to see that big project finished, and I'll be curious to see what color you go with for the bag : )

  3. Oh man, that quilt with a super cuddly backing? You should be glad I live so very far, far away... :)

  4. OMG that's a great name for a linky/link-up, LOL! Make the pocket a patchwork pocket and use both pink AND green :) How big is your quilt flimsy? That would be a great finish for February!

  5. Monthly goals such a great incentive to get things done.
    I am lagging so far behind. See me back there? Waving? Hi there, don't wait for me LOL
    I am working on several things at the same time.

  6. Looks like some terrific plans! I wish you the best.


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