Tuesday, February 23, 2016

OMG not there yet

If you on IG you might have seen those little baskets during the weekend. It's called #pixiebasket and you can find tut by @fabricmutt here.

My choice of fabrics? Oh yes, those rainbow scraps again. I had to add a bit of purple once pieced together. I don't measure much, lol.

It looks so cute but honestly it's a bit fiddly. The size is pretty small but I couldn't resist.

Have you spotted my WiP right there! I made some progress on my 4x7 challenge projects. It's first time I'm actually going to link up.

I have hand quilted parts of the top. I only do this with top and batting. I'm about to add the snugly backing and move to machine quilting. I'll keep it simple.

Not sure if you see the lines partially quilted. It goes from the center and it's not all over.

I'm not doing very well with my OMG project. I have solved the zipper color dilemma but it's hard for me to move forward even though I'm making it for myself.

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  1. I can see your quilting in the large photo. :) Your work always makes me smile.

  2. That big quilt is awesome!

    The little basket is cute but as with all baskets, I'm drawn to them but really, I don't think I'd use them! I went through a one hour basket making phase just before Christmas but I think I'm over it!

  3. You finished up a cute little pixie basket (what will you use it for?), you got some hand quilting done and you got started on your purse - you've been busy!

  4. Oh I do love the big quilt, it's really looking wonderful:)

  5. Hi Vera! I love this quilt and the little basket is super cute! I want to make both! Thank you for colourful inspiration! x Teje

  6. Your Pixie basket is sew cute. I have been thinking about making one, but not sure what I would use it for. Your quilt is gorgeous. I love that you are hand quilting and machine quilting it. I've not ever heard of anyone doing this, but then I'm fairly new to quilting.

  7. Your pixie basket is very cute, I made one too, but found it troublesome because it was so small. I love your quilt, it is beautiful!!!!

  8. I'm introgued by combining had and machine quilting! It's an absolutely gorgeous quilt!

  9. I've been seeing those baskets on everyone's blogs and IG, Vera, and thinking they look fiddly for the size so I'm glad to hear that reaffirmed, but yours came out so cute! Is that actual tape measure for the handles?


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