Saturday, January 14, 2017

2017 FAL list

I was going to clean up my piles of fabrics and projects but surprise it did not happened. I had an intention to put all those hidden projects back on the list but I'm running out of time. Let's just dig out some and try not to ignore there is a deadline.

#1 cushion cover
I have made some progress there but I'm still unclear how to quilt that part with green plus on it. It might be just and excuse not to finish it. You know how it goes.

#2 love quilt
I have the backing fabric ready and the batting is on. I just need to iron it and baste it and move forward with the quilting. I wanted to do some fmq on it but since I'm too lazy to practise I might change my mind and add matchstick quilting instead.

#3 tote bag
These two blocks still look pretty on my wall and the only change is I removed the paper out of the PP block. Plus I have prewashed the fabrics I'll be using.

#4 cushion insert
I need cushion insert for the cover I made. It is not standard size and I want to use some batting scraps for it.

That's it. Let's not get overambitious.
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  1. :-) One thing at a time and you will get there... for sure !
    Don't hurry, be happy !

  2. I really like your plus cushion cover!

  3. Love your revision of the "keep calm" meme. I try to start far enough ahead, but .. .

  4. That is a cute meme. You could leave the green plus unquilted so it will stand out more.

  5. A very doable list. Good luck with your projects for this quarter.

  6. I'm always so impressed with your projects, you do such beautiful work! Thanks for linking up with the FAL, you can totally finish up a few of these!

  7. That looks like a manageable list! I hope inspiration strikes for that green cross - it will be a stunning cushion. Jxo

  8. What about some blue thread though the green cross? Darker through the centre and lighter to the sides maybe? It looks great already, can't wait to see it finished.


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