Sunday, January 22, 2017

PQ 8.2

I don't think you would guess the theme for round two of Project Quilting in my project. It is tiger lily.

I didn't have as many ideas as for the theme 8 is great. The thing is I don't like lilies. The scent of lilies give me headache. So I picked up few scraps and put together this abstract version of tiger lily.

There are 6 orange pieces just like the flower petals. I usually make my pouches out of 1 piece. This one measured 8x9" and I quilted just a few lines across.

I wanted to have new bag for my cutlery but it ended up too tight. Note: we don't eat sandwiches for lunch so I need cutlery for my lunch at work :)

The addition of few french knots simulate the dots on tiger lily.

There is plenty of room for pens though. So it might be just a pencil bag.

I usually use the fabrics I have on top so there you can spot some similarities with my first PQ project.

Another trip around our backyard is finished. Sending greeting to all from the Czech Republic.
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  1. The french knots do add the bit of details that help me see the inspiration behind this piece. Too bad it's too tight for your cutlery. I send my husband to work with a lunch and cutlery every day, too.

  2. I really like your abstracted version of a tiger lily! The french knots are such a wonderful detail!

  3. Well I do like your abstract tiger lily! When I was growing up, we had a big patch of tiger lilies outside in our front yard - it was quite lovely :) 20 years ago my late brother came up to visit us and brought me some tiger lilies from his garden - it took me several years to find the right spot for them, but they're very happy where they are, and every year when they bloom, I smile and think of Brian :) YOur pouch is cute - the French knots are a lovely touch!

  4. I love how you translated the challenge into this gorgeous piece!

  5. great idea. something useful. :)

  6. I love your idea and your pouch. And the photoes are great.

  7. Oh so pretty, Vera.
    I just love your style, elegant and artistic.

  8. Beautiful pouch, the addition of the little french knots was perfect.

  9. Great wee pen pouch. The cutlery pouch is for again. My daughter hates lilies too, I love them though they make me wheeze too. I like them in the garden though

  10. This is fabulous! I love this pouch! I love that you twisted the challenge to work for your style!!!! Yeah!

  11. What a cool pouch! I love your deconstructed lily design!
    (I am allergic to the lilly's pollen, too. )


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