Friday, January 27, 2017

Pencil case

Here is another pouch, bag or case. Whatever your preference to call it is. It started while making something else. Some of you might remember that rainbow gene purse.

My preferred kind is made out of one piece and longer zipper. The size of this one is 7x11".

It is a little longer than necessary but my girl said she'll put pencil sharpener and eraser rubber in there as well. That means it is just right.

No seam at the bottom.

Don't you love these pencils? Yeah, they make gold and silver these days.

Loop for fun and easy carrying around.
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  1. A rainbow pouch for a rainbow of colored pencils. Perfection!

  2. That's a great pencil case, Rainbow Girl!

  3. So cute! Clever treatment of the zipper end...looks like it's sewn into the side seam.

  4. Yes indeed Vera. these are so jaunty and clever. You could move to the US and live next door to me and you could sew millions of these in various sizes and shapes, for all sorts of valuable uses and sell them and become a megamillionaire.
    I hope you are having a happy week-end.
    I am doing 'just okay' - it is a comfort to have such creative internet friends that inspire me and bring me joy

  5. I absolutely LOVE this rainbow pencil case!! How did you decide how big to make it? I'm guessing that you drew up the pattern yourself. Care to share the dimensions? Thanks!


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