Saturday, September 1, 2018

Charm squares experiment

Last month I used up the very last bits of charm squares. I also took these pics but somehow didn't blog about it.

Yellow zipper for a change.

The triangles are going all the way round.

My all time fav is actually pink zipper :)

These tiny bits are just raw edge applique.

It all started with a mini and I kept using the remaining charm squares bits.
I managed to add color accent to 2 minis, 4 mini pouches and 2 pencil cases.
Maybe I repeat this one day as it look so pretty all together :)


  1. It looks beautiful all together, Vera. I think the darker pink zipper is my favorite of the grouping, too. :)

  2. What a great challenge! You've done a superb job making all those beautiful projects to use every bit of those charm squares.

  3. Very cool and very frugal - good job!

  4. Vera, Of course everything you make is incredible and very stylish.
    You take lovely photos too.
    Happy September dear friend

  5. I love scrap projects especially when they look like they were a planned project. I really like the yellow zipper but the darker of the pinks wins. wonderful work.

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    1. Please note you are no-reply comment. Thank you for dropping by ;)


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