Monday, June 17, 2013

Lavender house

There is not much happening. The weather is very nice these days so we spent most of the weekend outside. I only managed to finish one little project. It's house ornament inspired by the retromama pattern. It's a theme for this month's Across the Pond sew along.

Mine is filled with lavender. I'm not sure how much you are supposed to put in. This one is entirely filled. The scent is too strong for me. It's giving me headache so I was wondering if I put way to much or am I just a bit sensitive. I have this issue with lilies so it might be just my nose. Anyway I made this one for my friend so hopefully she doesn't have such issue.

I actually like the back side of the house better than the front. Maybe that snail shell is a bit overdo.

The lavender comes from our garden. It was plant last year.

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  1. That is so sweet :) I think I might have to try something like that for my lavender from last year too. I already used some of it to make some stuffed crochet hearts, they smelt really strong initially when I'd just stuffed them (I made them upstairs and could smell them downstairs!), but they calmed down within a few days and only smell now if I scrunch them a bit :)

  2. Sweet bag! I crown you ... Queen of Embellishments :) So many of us buy all kinds of little bits and pieces with the intention of decorating our projects - you actually DO decorate your projects - ever so cutely!

  3. Lovely make- an dI agree, I like the butterfly back best, The front is really cute, but the back... mmmm!
    Popped in from Lucy's!

  4. I love, love, love your little house! It is positively adorable. The little lavender plants you stitched on the front and back are positively precious. Thank you for the close-ups to show how they were stitched. Lavender is one of my favorite fragrances. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh, those little lavender plants are the sweetest. And then the lavender polka-dot fabric door! And then the white lace! And filled with lavender from your own garden?! I think your friend will be thrilled with this gift, it's lovely. So many perfect details.

  6. Oh I love your little lavender filled house! Lace and polka dots and butterfly and embroidery flowers... it's totally adorable!!


    (I have allergies and can't take a lot of the lavender smell, either!)

  7. Adorable!! I don't like strong lavender so I mix it with rice when stuffing :)

  8. Such an exquisite little cottage! The little snail belongs just where he is...he doesn't overdo it. :) Your embroidered flowers are darling.


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