Friday, June 21, 2013

PPP - cup

Party time! This time I would like to join the Paper Piecing Party @ Quiet Play

Paper Piecing Party

I'm not a big paper piecing fan. I made only few blocks. This is probably fifth block I'm working on. So I'm still not sure if I like the technique or not. I like the outcome though. That's why I have to share my half way finished block. Isn't that just the pretties cup you ever saw? He he. It's part of June's block from And Sew On BOM. Yeah, Kristy from Quiet Play is all about paper piecing so you might want to drop by if this is your kinda thing. I would probably never start with PP if I didn't follow her blog.

This time around my block is going to be mostly orange. I have the perfect fabric for hexagons. I won this fabric during the BoM. It's real Japanese thing and I used the selvage for the fussy cut strip on the cup. I better finish that soon as the end of June is approaching fast.


  1. Oh it looks fantastic! So glad you are giving it a shot (though I know it's not your fave technique!). Love the fabrics you are using!

  2. oo I love those fabrics.. and the cup turns out great.. that texty bit is just perfect. Now it looks like fine china cup!

  3. What a cute way to use the selvage.

  4. Love the fabrics, the block will look great once its finished!

  5. Cute cup- love that selvage! I like PP, but can only take so much at a time.

  6. Love the fabrics and colours!


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