Friday, June 14, 2013


This post is part of Modern Mini Quilt Challenge. I'm going to start with my inspiration for this project so you better understand what the challenge part for me was. It all comes from this music video:

I really love the idea of turning LOVE into simple geometric shapes. Back in February I made this mug rug for my hubby as a Valentine gift. The size does not meet the required measurements so I challenged myself to turn this design into something new. I also wanted to try some new technique. The ideas were running wild but I stuck with circle as the center of this all. This led me into dense circle quilting which I never tried before. You know curves! The circles ended up as spiral by accident but for good.

I have two girls and we love pink color so it wasn't hard to choose the color for the center. Fist I used the trapunto technique to make the shapes more puffy. Later on I hand appliqué the pink fabric on top. I turned this into pillow cover (14.5 x 14.5").

Can you think of better fabric for the back side? No. It has to be polka dot!
Love seems to be popular theme for quilters. We love to create and we love to share our love with our loved ones. You can find all this in my LOVE circle pillow case. I don't have to say I love it, right. It's already win win in our house.

I really enjoyed this challenge so big thank you goes to Jeniffer for organizing it. You should also check the other projects as there are many awesome creations. Don't we just love more inspiration?

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  1. Gorgeous Vera! The quilting is just fantastic!

  2. Love the mug rug and the pillow - that quilting is stunning!

  3. brilliant! I love both of them - the design and quilting is amazing :-)

  4. Before I read the post, I knew it said love. So good job!!

  5. Really elegant, I love how simple and graphic it is! One of my favorites in the challenge!

  6. This is really interesting and very well done. As you know, I loved you mug rug when you first blogged about it. Your cushion has taken the design up a notch in size and effect. Love it also.

  7. Love, love love the cushion/pillow and its simplicity. Nice job.

  8. Very very cool and your quilting is impeccable! Thanks for entering the Modern Mini Challenge!

  9. Love, love, "LOVE" this project! You really did a fabulous job with it...

  10. Que original es el cojín, una idea estupenda.
    Un acabado perfecto.


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