Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August - Lovely year of finishes

I came across the Lovely Year of Finishes couple of times but never actually joined in. I set up this blog especially for joining all kinds of linky parties. I so enjoy to make new friends and it's great way to motivate myself as well.

I finished two crib size quilts last month and we are leaving on vacation soon so I have to keep it real. This is rather small goal but I would love to finish those pouches. Well I only have the front panels so far. I started them right after I finished this bag during the Zakka SAL last year. I simply fell in love with those sweet panels and more pouches seemed like a good plan.

I'd like to make Open Wide Pouches with handles just like this one previously made but I never actually shared it. Love that pattern.


  1. Love open wide zipper pouches, but have never seen one with a handle, how fun. I just happened to link up after you, lol, we are burning the midnight oil in Europe.

  2. I love the chocolates! They are so pretty. :)

  3. really pretty pouches. I haven't tried the open wide zipper pouch pattern yet, but it is on my list!

  4. Great pouches! Good luck with your goal!


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