Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Zakka Along - WK13

Prior our vacation I made this beach bag using the pattern of Piece-of-Cake Shopping Bag from Patchwork, Please! by Ayumi. Which means this post is once again part of Zakka Along 2.0. I made few little modifications to suit my needs.

To be honest with you this is not my favorite bag I have ever made but it works. The thing is this huge bag doesn't really hold shape which drives me crazy. I used some interfacing for the exterior plus extra piece for the bottom part but probably not enough. The pattern is pretty easy. There is just one thing to be aware of the exterior and lining are the same size but you need some addition for the double fold made on top of exterior piece. As Krista suggests in her post you can either decrease the interior height or increase the height of exterior.
Quilted interfacing on bottom part.
I wanted to try this pattern because I like the drawstring cover. I recently made some lunch bags by Ayumi which have the same feature. I added simple big zipper pockets inside the bag. I have simple pockets on both sides of the exterior. To define the shape somehow I added snap buttons to each side. I made my handles longer than the patterns calls for and at the end I sew them to the top of the bag. I have also decreased the size of front/back side. I'm not so fond of the folded side panels. Never say never but I will probably never use this feature again.

Zipper pocket.
Snap buttons.

I sewed the handles to the top of the bag once fully assembled.
When you don't arrange the shape for picture taking it looks like ..... no idea what word to use. See I don't even have a word for it, lol. It holds a lot of stuff but it's really not a pretty looking to me and I almost left it at home. I asked some lady to hold the bag for me. Well she wasn't very happy about it either, see. Just kidding.


  1. I hope I'm not offending, but I don't love it either. For me, it is the lines. Your work is always so clean with nice crisp lines. With the shape of this bag, they are more like worbles. It will make a fantastic stash and grab bag though!

    Susan @ theboredzombie.com

  2. haha. Fun post and you were clever with the snaps. I just finished mine and agree - it doesn't hold its shape at all...I think I will fill it before I get photos...glad you posted though so I know it wasn't just my bag.

  3. Wow, from that first shot i would have never known that it was that huge!!
    I love your fabrics and i think for me if it had of been a bit smaller, perfect!
    It does look like a great size for a beach bag though!

  4. With some projects it's really hard to get a good picture - especially when the project doesn't sit up well, or hold it's shape! It's still a nice bag, but I would prefer less "slouchy" too :D

  5. I like your snap idea - I just made the sides the 9" wide of the base, and it holds its shape a LOT better... http://patchinista.blogspot.com/2013/08/piece-o-cake.html


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