Monday, August 19, 2013

Back from vacation

Greetings to all. I'm back from our vacation. We are safe and healthy and happily back at home. It was a bit challenging as I expected. I don't think I have to explain anything about travelling with little kids. We went to Turkey. No particular reason. We wanted sun, sea and sand and Turkey is one of the destinations where Europeans goes. Before we left I finished beach bag based on the Piece-of-Cake Shopping Bag from the Patchwork, Please! book. More on that one once the bag is on SAL schedule.

I also made small travelling pillow. Really an easy last minute project. I like to use selvage edge which is featured on the envelope closure. 

We took the Hello Kitty bag and it got all dirty as MiniMe swing-swang it around airport floor. I also put some previously made pouches into good use. I borrowed my vinyl pouches to the girls for some drawing accessories.

My plan was to make some hexagons for upcoming event so I packed all the supplies into sewing kit made during the Zakka SAL last year but I didn't touch it. I also took some crochet supplies with me but I haven't touched that either. No creating what so ever.

Little snap bag came handy for my cell phone and headphones. 

Feels good to be back home. I'm yet to reply to some comments/emails and do a little catch up on bloglovin.


  1. Welcome back! Glad to hear you had a good time.

  2. Welcome back... and creating on vacation is overrated ;)

  3. Welcome back - I remember the days of travelling with kids - you sure do have to pack a lot of stuff for them, as I recall, LOL! I think you'll need to make the girls their own vinyl zipper bags - imagine how much fun they would have with them, and then you can keep yours for organizing :D


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