Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March goal

Here we go again. Should I put up another goal or not? I have number of things in progress. Mostly "let's start something new" stage and I don't see a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm a bit restless not young any more though.

Last night I cut into this fabric to create some kaleidoscope wall hanging. So let's make it my goal - the top to be precise. This is not the layout and also the size is much smaller than what is needed. Lots more to be added and decided on. Wish me luck :-)

Original fabric.
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I was feeling up to some FMQ practice but I ended up with straight line quilting and a touch of hand stitching. I find the hand stitching much more relaxing than FMQ. That's my block from last year's Skill Builder BoM. Cushion cover to become.

I plan to use these fabrics for The Triangle Quilt Along (button on the side bar) and that's why I quilted triangle grid. Easy and doable that is what I was up to.

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  1. I love the fabric you picked for your kaleidoscope quilt. What did it look like to start?

  2. I love the look of the kaleidoscope blocks in black and white. It reminds me of standing in a snow storm!

  3. Really like the touch of hand stitching -- just right!!

  4. I thought those were hexagons, but they are little triangles?

  5. That's so cool! I just bought some fabric to try out one block wonders. :) Great minds and all!

  6. Every time I think of trying FMQ, I end up doing straight stitching. Love your hand stitching, Vera! They are so uniform and the thread colors are perfect.


  7. Hey, you don't have to be young to be restless. I love starting a new project. Not only does it keep me from getting bored, it assures that I'll never be left with nothing to do. The kaleidoscope quilt is stunning in the black and white. I see that I'm not the only one who'd like to see the fabric you started with. Good luck with your goals.

  8. I like your kaleidoscope fabric --- how big are those hexies, and how many will you need for the top? That's a good goal for the month - very doable, as it'll be very easy to break it into small parts to work on - that's how I like to get things done too :)

    Love the hand stitching in the quilted grid on the block - that's a really nice touch :) I need to prepare some hand projects to do upstairs - I usually spend hours in the evenings down in the sewing room because hubby falls asleep watching tv, but if I had something to work on up here, maybe he'd stay awake :D (Equally likely, though, is that we would drive each other crazy, HAHA) - I don't do embroidery but I'd love to do some simple beading on projects - I just need to get some ready :D

  9. Your kaleidoscope wall hanging is going to be amazing!
    And i love the triangle quilting on your soon to be cushion cover.
    The added detail of the hand stitching is perfect!


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