Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tutorial - Leather scraps zipper pulls

I originally written this tutorial for Leanne @ Sew Can She and now it's time to bring it back up. It was a great experience for me to try it out and Leanne's encouragement brought up my desire to put together some more tuts. I hope to share some soon.

What will you need to create leather zipper pulls?

Leather scraps, pliers with piecing and riveting tools, various key rings, rivets, scissors. Optional: pinking shears, rotary cutter, eyelets.

There are different types of zippers with various zipper pulls. Based on the zipper pull choose the right key ring that will fit properly. If needed use two key rings. Use small one as reduction for the larger one.

Measure the inner part of your key ring. In the example above it is 1.1cm. Multiple by 4 as you'll fold the edges of the leather towards centre. Please use this as example. It depends on the leather you are using. With softer leather I ended up using smaller key ring. The best way to determine the size is to try to fold the leather up and put the key ring on.

Once you have the key ring on fold the edges of the leather in to the middle. Put some kind of clip to hold the edges if desired. Punch the holes through all layers.

Do not worry if you don't manage to make holes in all the layers. Unfold and cut/clear the holes out with scissors.

Create a tassel by cutting straight lines toward the centre. Use pinking shears for fancy edges. Fold up again and line up those holes. Attach the rivet.

I use my pliers to attach the rivet. 

There are many possibilities. Create circles, hexagons and other shapes based on the style of your pouch. Here are just a few examples to get your creativity flow. You can also use eyelets if you don't have any rivets on hand.

Two hearts with strip in between. Attached by eyelet.

Two circles folded with strip in between.

Pinwheel style.

If you don't feel like using hardware simply cut out strip of leather and attach to zipper pull. The knot is called Lark's head (cow hitch) and it is the simplest zipper pull I have to share.


  1. What a great way to jazz up a zipper! Hope you don't mind, but I've pinned.

  2. And another fantastic tutorial Vera! And i was just thinking i needed a zipper pull on a little gift i just made. Perfect timing!

  3. Lovely tutorial, Vera. I have always admired the zipper pulls shown in your blog header. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. I can see those pulls on more than zippers. Thanks for the tutorial and inspiration.

  5. Wow ! These pulls are so pretty! Thanks for the tutorial on how to make them!
    My fave is the heart one!

  6. What a great tutorial! Now that I am getting more into making bags this will be awesome to bookmark!

  7. I don't like any of the zipper pulls out there, but I am seriously in love with these! Thank you so much for writing the tutorial!


  8. These are great! I especially like the heart. Everything you make is beautifully professional :)

  9. Great tutorial Vera, I really need to make one of these for my travel bag I am fed up wrestling with the zip since the pull fell off !


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