Saturday, March 1, 2014

February round up

February went fast. There is no doubt about it. I started with Valentine's mat and tutorial for woven hearts followed up shortly.

February was also great example of my tendency to use fabrics which I have on top. The lining and mini log cabins were made out of scraps from January's color wheel quilt. Remaining pieces were used for Le Challenge project which theme sunrise just fitted well.

The highlight of the month was definitely Summertime Sadness finish.

As an addition to this quilt I made two matching cushions made out of scraps and leftovers.

I also managed to complete my February goal. Yay!

On top of that I'm celebrating the total views over 50K and reaching post #100. You can still enter my little giveaway as it ends tomorrow March 2nd.

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  1. Such beautiful makes! You've had a fab month :)

  2. What beautiful finishes. I really like the log cabin blocks on the fabric basket.

  3. Anonymous2/3/14 18:30

    I had a chuckle at your tendency to use what is on top. Me too--and it is nice not to be alone in that style of designing. I keep a semblance of order while working by putting fabrics in a box "to be sorted and put away" later. And in the interim go there first when a new project appears on my horizon. Love the "Summer Sadness" photo.

  4. Your sewing is very beautiful, I especially love the colours in the basket. I do that too, use what I have not yet put away.

  5. Gorgeous finishes!! You had a very beautiful February :)


  6. You had a hugely productive and stunning month!

  7. Beautiful makes!! Your Summertime Sadness photo is STUNNING and shows off the quilt amazingly!

  8. All your finishes are stunning but the colours in the fabric basket and Lone Star, are gorgeous.

  9. You did have a busy month. And I have to agree with Joanne... Your Summertime Sadness is my pick for the feature finish of the month! Great job on all, Vera! Keep on inspiring!

  10. Anonymous5/3/14 18:27

    what a great february! I love, love your summertime sadness and the matching cushions!

  11. congrats on all your Feb highlights! sounds like a great month - that herringbone quilt is gorgeous!

  12. Fantastic finishes Vera, you've made so much and I particularly love your divided basket :D


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