Monday, August 24, 2015

Q3 - Selvage bag + Selvage along

I have this project on my Q3 FAL list and it's been there for a while. You can see I was definitely undecided back then which spelling to use and I messed up both and called it Selvadge, lol.

When Renee asked me if I want to participate in their Selvage along I said YES! Welcome to my stop of Selvage along hosted by Renee and Jessica.

I'm not sharing any tutorials but I hope you'll find some inspiration. My bag is based on tutorial by Ayumi called Lunch bag. I just up sized it a bit.

I sewed all my selvages on piece of interfacing but it wasn't big enough so I cut it in half and added solid bottom.


If you are curious about the size. My exterior piece was 64x38cm. The bottom strip was 15cm wide. I cut the lining as one piece as well. I just place the exterior piece on lining fabric and cut all around. There is no seam at the bottom which is my preferred way of making bags.

The reason why it took me so long to finish this bag was that I couldn't decide on which fabric to use. I settled on darker orange linen and quilted with variegated thread.

The cover is simple Ikea B&W fabric. Once you fold it down it is like bucket or tote bag.

Maybe you have noticed I made the rim taller (10cm) as well. I just wanted the bag to be an adult size.

I wanted to make one for myself ever since I made that first one on left. That is the original size.

Since we are talking selvages here are few more projects I previously made. The first one is variation on pouch called Sleeping bag. It uses endless zipper.

This is one exterior piece open wide pouch. Read more here.

Selvages are perfect for the final touch on your pincushions as well. No matter if it is giant or skinny. Details here.

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  1. The bag looks great, Vera! I love how the orange causes those selvages with colors and tones in them to really pop out. :)

  2. Hi Vera! Fantastic bag and great use for selvages! I love your pouch and pincushions, too! x Teje

  3. Hi Vera! Fantastic bag and great use for selvages! I love your pouch and pincushions, too! x Teje

  4. A beautiful bag, Vera and a great way to use selvedges.

  5. Beautiful bag, but what I love the most here is the skinny pincushion.

  6. I love it and am so sorry i haven't kept any selvedges now!

  7. Your selvedge bag is stunning! I love the larger size, too.
    I must cut off a little more of my selvedges now... yours are just perfect, Vera!

  8. Wow, fabulous projects.Love them all and the best fav is the large bag.

  9. Ohhhhhhhhh I do love me some selvages - your bag is just adorable! The bottom, in the different colour and without a seam, is awesome - I like that look better than a seamed one, which is what I usually do. Must_copy_Vera :D Love the other projects too - particularly the curved seam zippy - a project (might be the same one, or it's very similar) is on my To Do list because I like the curve :)

  10. This is a great project for selvages! and I love your other little zip bags too!

  11. absolutely love all your projects Vera. Every single one of them. x

  12. The lunch bags are very cute. The bright orange works beautifully with the brightly coloured selvedges.
    I try to keep an eye out for friends' names in selvedges. I once saw a personalised pincushion with the owner's name. No luck yet. :(

  13. I adore all the projects, especially your use of colour. Thanks for all the great ideas on using selvedges.

  14. Love the selvage things and all the bags! Very nice!

  15. Great use of selvages, and I love the bag design so thanks for the link to the tutorial.

  16. You are such a talented bag and pouch maker, Vera. And those are some lovely and sweet selvages. Thanks so much for sharing your past projects along with this gorgeous new bag!

  17. Oh, I like the last pincushion - it gives me hope that maybe I could make a selvedge project. Not too many to save up!

  18. I love that bag - what a great way to use/display selvedges!

    *Visiting as a member of the official 2015 Finish-Along cheerleading squad*


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