Friday, September 6, 2013

Ribbon bow and Herringbone

Are you getting ready for Christmas? It's never too early to start with those little gifts. Here's another zipper pouch I made with Christmas on mind. No need to make a tut on how to tie a ribbon bow so just check out the pics. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Just don't forget to burn those edges to prevent frying.
The inspiration comes from a Tshirt.
Back side.
I only stitched the middle part on left and right side.

Last week I tested one block for MSBHQAL. You know Miss B. is all over the blogosphere right now celebrating her one year blogiversary so you might want to check it/her/him out. Yeah they might be triplets or more otherwise I'm not sure how one person manages to spread so much sparkle everywhere.

I had the trial pillow cover on my table as I was sorting out ideas for the quilt. What if I don't make squares but I'll keep going and make strip instead? What if I change the width of some stripes used for creating the Herringbone pattern? You know the buzz in the head. I simply had to make another pillow cover. There is definitely room for modification. 

I keep the back sides simple.

Don't ask me how my quilt is going to look. I'll be making this quilt for a friend of mine and she sent me her fabrics. I received the surprise package already so if you want to know what's inside come back on Sunday. I'll be hosting Sunday Stash and I hope you'll join in.


  1. Anonymous6/9/13 14:38

    Those pillows are just fabulous. Thanks for sharing stopping by TGIFF. Marie (

  2. Wow. I love the color palette of your MSBHQAL blocks. (I think I got all of the letters in there, but I may have missed one or ten.) I'm waiting for my sashing fabric to arrive right now. And that bag is adorable!

  3. Your cushions are lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing how this design evolves :) I also like the pouch. The ribbon addition is fab!

  4. Great pillows - and I love the extra strips! Way to make it you own :-)

  5. Of course I love the zippy - very fun and festive! That broken herringbone design is growing on me - adding the sashing strips to the pieces really gives it a nice modern look. Very nice!

  6. I really like the pillow with the various sized stripes. Nice work!

  7. If I made these, I would have to snuggle them all day long--love the use of more neutral tones. I may have to make a neutral one too. Visiting from TGIFF.


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