Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sunday Stash - MSBHQAL edition

If you read my yesterday's post you knew this was coming. Welcome to my edition of Sunday Stash which I'm hosting and I hope you'll join in. Thank you Fiona for such opportunity. I'm setting my post up on Saturday since I want to be in time for those down under. Do you what to see what was in my surprise package? Sure, you do. As I said it's related to MSBHQAL. My friend sent me those and I'll be making the quilt top for her.

There was pile of solids and all kind of stripes.

I sorted those into some color groups to give me an idea where I want to go with the quilt top. I'm definitely mixing those solids with prints. Few bits did not make it into my fabric choice but I'm sure I'll find some use for them as well. 

There are quite a few Oval elements.
Urban mod and many others.
These don't really fit my color scheme. You know I'm not a big friend with blue and yellow.
Those don't seem to fit either but do not worry about their safety, lol.
Perfect timing for package filled with fabrics. Otherwise I would take you into my stash filled with dots and other local stuff and such. Now it's your turn to show your stash. As others would say: Flash your stash! 


  1. You really have an eye for combining fabrics - I don't have that talent - I can combine ONE fabric (LOL) - sometimes 2, but more than that and I need everything to be from the same line, or else I grab somebody in whatever store I'm in, and ask them for help :D

  2. Anonymous8/9/13 01:07

    What great fabrics. It's interesting that you are so good at colour combinations, but don't like using blue and yellow. I've always really liked blue and orange together ever since I saw this picture when I was in highschool...
    I'm also a fan of blue and brown - sounds boring, but it's pretty.
    I've seen a lot of yellow and grey quilts recently, and the colours always seem to go together beautifully.
    I'd like to know what you think of these colour combinations.
    Thanks for sharing such great pictures of your stash with us.


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