Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Advent calendar

I have shared a bit about my advent calendar already but it deserves more than one pic. So if you ready to explore welcome aboard.

I finished it on Saturday and it wasn't looking too good. The binding was a bit wavy all around. Big disappointment but all my fault. I knew I better hand stitch the binding but I just wanted to try if I can get away with machine binding. I tried to rip off one side and hand stitch but it didn't help. The binding just seems a bit bigger. I should have pulled it tiny bit while stitching on. I didn't feel like binding redo so I just left it. On Sunday my girls were so eager to have their calendar so I just decided we'll have wavy binding and pretend it's all fine. Once we put the wrapped presents/sweets on it stretched and it looks fine. I'm not sure what it look like once all the sweets are eaten but we'll see.

I realized later on that the holes are not really needed. It can be just tied around.
I made the sleeve too big so I had to adjust it.

It's my first wall hanging so I should be a bit wiser next time I make any. I started this kind of advent calendar two years ago for my elder girl but this year I had to make it for both of them. I do not worry about fancy wrapping since the girls just don't care. The best part for them is to cut the string each day and rip off the paper. That's why I don't make any fabric bags. The only thing that bugs me is that we didn't manage to repaint the wall. We took the shelf off and it's not coming back but the painting is visible at the bottom and we really need to repaint it.

I used 3 jelly roll strips from each color. I placed each color in each position right, middle, left so they were evenly distributed. While creating the diamonds I concentrated on the red and it became the main motive. I used this well known tut. I'm making mug rugs from the leftover strips where you can see the color placement (the bottom one should be upside down).

For those mug rugs I'm combining two tuts I seen. I wanted to try some fusible fleese appliqué I seen over at Amy Made That! (you should check out her lovely snowflake pillow) and hexagon mini quilt tut by Modern Handcraft. I love those hexies!

My tiny trial before I attempt larger project.
I'll be adding pockets and binding.
Making Christmas list:
- Christmas theme wall hanging DONE
- Christmas ornaments for local swap
- winter/Christmas theme house pouch
- vinyl pouches as gifts 1 FINISHED
- pillow covers
- 241 tote pattern by Noodlehead FABRICS PICKED
- felted jewelry IN PROGRESS
- knitted socks 1 PAIR FINISHED
- mug rugs with pocket on the back 1 FINISHED and 3 IN PROGRESS
Christmas Robin wreath by Kristy 1 FINISHED



  1. What a lovely idea for your Advent Calendar! so original.and thank you for visiting my blog, too.

  2. Love your advent calendar! It looks just gorgeous! I bet your children love it!

    Your quilting is just spectacular!

  3. The advent calendar looks awesome, and those mug rugs look great too.

  4. Love this advent calendar idea, haven't seen it before :D

  5. That's a lovely idea for an advent calendar!

  6. I love diamond pieced stars!! Yours is gorgeous! What a great tradition to keep....I need to do one too of some sort.

  7. What a clever idea with the wood! I wondered how you were string them up!
    Those mug rugs are adorable, the fleece appliqué is brilliant!

  8. Oh, how sweet! That's adorable. Well done on the calendar as well as the little mug rugs. Love it all!

  9. Beautiful calendar and wall hanging.

  10. OMG your advent calendar is amazing - I bet your girls are having a great time grabbing their goodies every day! I think that machine stitching down the binding always makes the edges a bit wavy - I've noticed it too, on my projects. I consider the slight waves to be CHARMING, and will continue to machine stitch :D

  11. what lovely things you have going on right now! That advent calendar is just beautiful and really creative, I have not seen one like it before. Also the mug rugs are great I am going to check out both pages you linked to.

    Stopping by from Lee's hop

  12. I love how the wall hanging turned out. It's soo sweet. Of course, I love the little mug rugs too.

  13. How clever and an excellent use of the scraps. I can't see anything wrong with the binding. Your wall quilt is SO stunning.

  14. Fabulous Advent Calendar Vera, you really did get great value out of that Jelly Roll :)

  15. Your Advent Calendar is gorgeous and such a beautiful keepsake to use every year!! I can't tell you had any problem with your binding!
    Your mug rugs look so pretty... can't wait to see them finished! These are beautiful Christmas projects!!


  16. It looks wonderful to me! I love the way you make your advent calendars :)

  17. Your Advent calendar is GORGEOUS! Great job, Vera! I am sure your kids are very pleased!


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