Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas meeting

Later today I'm meeting up with my sewing buddies. So this week is all about getting ready for this event. Not only had we arranged to swap Christmas ornaments we are also exchanging Christmas cookies. At our last meeting I was joking about bringing Christmas cookies to go with the coffee. Joking only as I don't bake this early. I'm always the last minute person but those ladies thought it's good idea. We all bring some and exchange. There are 11 of us in total so you can image. These are pure evil cookies. Shortening and flour covered up with sugar. Pure evil I'm telling you :-)

All packed up. I'm not usually very good at fancy packing but look at this. I really outdid myself. Each of them has little note. I started with the usual Merry Christmas and ended up with World peace sort of :-) Little scrap of Cherry Christmas and a button equals all set.

Here's the ornament I made.
My fav part is this birdie in the window.
Big present at the back side.
Some of you might remember my trial of kaleidoscopes or the one block wonder blocks. Anyway you like it. Well those roses are not really my style so it's going to one of those sewing buddies. I found a good home for it. I went with very simple quilting and I'm quite please with the result.

The original fabric as perfect back side.
I have also finished the cat pillow. You could see the front panel on WiP and here's another sneak peak. I'll link that up with Le Challenge as I consider pink to be quite precious. Yeah, that's the theme for this month: precious.

Making Christmas list:
Christmas theme wall hanging DONE
- Christmas ornament and cookies for local swap DONE
- winter/Christmas theme house pouch
- vinyl pouches as gifts 1 FINISHED
- pillow covers 2 FINISHED
- 241 tote pattern by FABRICS PICKED
- felted jewelry IN PROGRESS
knitted socks DONE
mug rugs with pocket on the back DONE (MADE 4)
Christmas Robin wreath  DONE


Linking up with Making Christmas, TGIFF and Crazy mom quilts. I will also link up to Cushion for Christmas blog hop once the linky is open.

Ms Midge


  1. krasne vse, Verko. Jak tyto zvladas?

  2. Your kaleidoscope pillow is wonderful, Vera! I adore it! And those cookies look so yummy!

  3. Those cookies are so pretty and sound yummy. Cute packaging, too! I made a few ornaments that are similar. Your little bird is adorable!

  4. Love your cookies and packaging! That ornament is adorable!! Pillows are great as well!

  5. I love the rose pillow. So very, very pretty.

  6. Oh my those are beautiful projects - I especially love your packaging (and it's now pinned, LOL)! The cookies look delish - care to post a recipe for their evil ingredients? ;)

  7. Wonderful bunch of cookie packages, you could open a cookie shop with those! And i love your little house ornament, too cute!

  8. Your cushion is just beautiful! And those cookies?!?!!?!?!? Ummmmm - recipe please! Thanks for joining in the hop x

  9. That ornament is awesome. As is the pillow -- the kaleidoscope effect is perfect! Have fun!

  10. Your cookies look delicious and I love your ornament! I also really like the way you have arranged the roses in the cushion. That's such a clever use of that block :)

  11. Those cookies do look very yummy!! The ornament is so cute and great job with the pillow!

    -Soma :)

  12. Your cushion is so pretty! I am glad you found a home for it that matches the recipients tastes. Cute little house too!

  13. I have just been catching up on some blog reading, and I have to say that I love the subtle beauty of this pillow. Glad you found a good home for it.


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