Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mug rugs - Cherry Christmas scraps

Making Christmas stuff continues. I was able to finish 3 mug rugs I shared last week. I used the leftovers from the Lone star.

 There are some pockets on the back so I can put some postcard or Christmas card in.

I don't think I'll be making any more this year so I'm crossing this off my list as finished. I sent the first one I made to one of my bloggie friends. Yvonne commented on my post that she is sending her address for me to send it over. She was joking but I though what if I'll surprise her and asked for her address. I rather sent my stuff to those that appreciate it. She offered little swap between us and here's what I received. Cool hexie mug rug with some owls on top. We are both happy with our exchange as you can read in her post. Don't we just love hexies and owls :-)

I have adjusted my list a bit. Yeah I'm chicken out. I don't think I'll be able to make any more Christmas robin wreaths I planned so I'm fine with the one I made for myself. I also crossed the socks. One pair is OK. Right now I want and NEED to concentrate on the Christmas ornament as it's due on Friday. Also some pillow covers would be nice so I can link them into Cushion for Christmas Blog hop. Click on the picture below to learn more.

Ms Midge

Making Christmas list:
Christmas theme wall hanging DONE
- Christmas ornament for local swap IN PROGRESS
- winter/Christmas theme house pouch
- vinyl pouches as gifts 1 FINISHED
- pillow covers 1 IN PROGRESS
- 241 tote pattern by Noodlehead FABRICS PICKED
- felted jewelry IN PROGRESS
- knitted socks DONE
mug rugs with pocket on the back DONE (MADE 4)
Christmas Robin wreath  DONE

I'm not wasting any scraps out of Cherry Christmas line so I'm using those for my Christmas ornament as well. I'm making little house. Very similar to the one by retromama.

For the pillow cover I decided to try out some cats. I have used the basic block by Elizabeth Hartman. She currently hosts QAL called Catvent. Check it out as her cats are really quite cute.

I wouldn't mind more contrast. 

I'm linking up with WiP Wednesday and Making Christmas. You can also find the links in the side bar of my blog.


  1. What a great unexpected swap! Your mug rugs would be perfect for gifting vouchers and gift cards!

  2. Fun idea for mug rugs with a secret surprise tucked in!

  3. Cute Cute Cute! You have great ideas! Tuck a starbucks card in the mug rugs? :)

  4. I love the secret pouch for the mug rug. I love your cats! I am working on a few also,thinking mine be a pillow for my granddaughter.

  5. Wow, you have a lot on that Christmas makings are limited! Love what you've made so cute.. especially the cats!!

  6. I like your ambition, & then wisely cutting back as needed. How sweet u r to share with Yvonne. Both of u do cute work. Nice mug rugs! I think I'll do some. Nice little & useful projects. We use coasters all the time. WIPping with u!
    Julie @RunningHen.blogspot. com

  7. Very nice! Great use of all those little scraps. :)

  8. I'm not normally a cat person, but I really like those cats, and I especially like the lack of contrast :) Subtle.

  9. Such cuteness!!! Love your scrappy mug rugs!!

  10. Very cute projects! I want to make one of those Christmas houses. It's on my to do list. I am glad that you like your mug rug. It was unexpected and awesome! :)

  11. Love those mug rugs and the houses. The pillow looks beautiful already. Such cute projects :)


  12. We all adjust our lists as Christmas gets closer, lol. We start out with great (big) intentions, then as time passes, we get more realistic - it's less stressful to adjust rather than to go crazy trying to finish an overly optimistic list :D

    Sweet projects - especially the kitty cats! I subscribe to that blog and I'm loving all the cat blocks (and the kitty names, lol) that she's publishing!

  13. I don't know how I missed this post! Gorgeous makes again! Your owls are really sweet :)


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