Sunday, December 1, 2013

November roundup

Time for the roundup. I did pretty well this time around. I finished my project for And Sew On BoM. It's now covering the top part of my bookshelf.

I also made this pretty Christmas robin. Both patterns by Kristy - Quiet Play.

I also managed to finish quilt top based on Broken Herringbone pattern. I call it Summertime Sadness and I nearly finished the B side as well.

My goal for November was a wall hanging which I finished yesterday. It also has a function as advent calendar so I'm glad I made it on time. I needed someone to hold that up for me plus to install it on the wall. I totally forgot to take a picture and post about it so I failed to link up in time. Separate post will follow during the week with more details and info.

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  1. You had a great November roundup with these beautiful projects!

  2. What beautiful makes!! I adore that mini and what a brilliant idea for it to double as a advent calendar!

  3. Anonymous1/12/13 15:23

    My fav is your herringbone, just beautiful!!!

  4. oh I love your projects this month. The herringbone is awesome but I also like your top two projects. Nice...

  5. LOVE all of your projects, and adore the wreath and the broken herringbone!!


  6. You had a wonderful month. I love all of those projects :)

  7. Lovely!! I love your colours on every one of them :)


  8. Thats a great idea with the advents calendar!


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