Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pillow making

I'm sure all of you understood the need of cat pillow #2 so I went to work and ended up with 6 cats. I was running out of the pink fabric so I actually needed more. You can find the tut for basic cat block here.

I also wanted some Christmas kind of pillow to go with our Cherry Christmas Lone Star. I used three jelly roll strips and brushed off the Broken Herringbone block. Except I alternated full width with just a half width. This is currently WiP since I'm a bit undecided about liking or not. The white part is meant for some FMQ whatever.

Believe or not the above block is a bit too random and out of order for my current liking :-) that I left it and started something snowy and in the right winter colors. I picked those fabrics locally. The base is white with some silver print on it. White and silver are the colors we go for our Christmas tree as well.

I quilted in spiral at first and added some fusible fleece appliqué on top. I got this idea from Amy. The spiral is of center on purpose. The star is of center as I did not measure, ooops. True negligent style.

Let's be honest here the fusible fleece isn't something you want to sleep on. I like the idea of no fraying ends but I want to use it as well. Not just a pretty decoration right. So if you want to actually use it you need to turn it for the plain back. Therefore I installed the zipper into the side seam. I used this tut shared by Gemma. My first attempt is not perfect and I managed to sew over the zipper pull so I actually couldn't open it, lol. It was an easy fix and I'm glad I gave it a try. 

I'm a bit running out of time with my Christmas making so we'll see if there is anything else happening.

Making Christmas list:
Christmas theme wall hanging DONE
Christmas ornament and cookies for local swap DONE
- winter/Christmas theme house pouch
- vinyl pouches as gifts 1 FINISHED
- pillow covers 4 FINISHED
- 241 tote pattern by FABRICS PICKED
- felted jewelry IN PROGRESS
knitted socks DONE
mug rugs with pocket on the back DONE (MADE 4)
Christmas Robin wreath  DONE

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  1. Great job with the 2nd cat cushion! What a cute pair :) Your spiral star cushion is absolutely gorgeous, love it! Your list is looking good!

  2. Beautiful cushions.........amazing job! Love the spiral cushion too.

  3. Gorgeous cushions Vera! Love the snowflakey spiral one!

  4. Lovin' those kitty cushions, Vera. And the star pillow, too! But that random herringbone block is great! I REALLY like it! I am amazed at your clever use of that tut to come up with this block and hope you do continue with that block. PS. Your fabric choices are awesome!

  5. Your pillows are them all!

  6. Love the Herringbone block!

  7. Two cat pillows is not enough, they are too cute to stop at two. How about one in pistacchio to complement the pink?

  8. Love - love - love your cat pillows, what a great idea!

  9. Despite your problems that pillow is REALLY pretty - I would never have thought of using fusible fleece for embellishment, but it's a great idea, and it does look nice! Love that you made 2 kitty pillows - a necessity with 2 girls :D I've thought for a while about doing a spiral design on a quilt block (a large one) - I knew all along that I would do mine off center/wonky - that's how it would turn out anyways, so why not plan it that way? LOL!

  10. Beautiful! You have managed to accomplish so much!!! Love those cats!

  11. Now your cat pillows are twice as nice! I love your star cushion too. You have been busy :)

  12. Loving the cushions! They all look lovely!

  13. those kitties make perfect pillow covers! Love the herring bone and star too.

  14. Both girls must be happy, now that they have their own pillows :)
    I will wait to see how you finish the Herringbone block, I know you will think of something clever. I LOVE your star pillow, so very pretty!!!



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