Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Christmas in July

It's last day of July and here I'm with my Christmas in July project. I wasn't sure what to make so I stick to my regular pouch making. I added two little presents/boxes. Easy peasy. I was thinking if I should make a tutorial but I think it's so simple there is no need to. You choose your fabric for boxes, add little ribbon, sew it on and there you go. Few hand stitches are needed to hold the ribbon in place (the top part).

Check out what the others have created. Amy shared tutorial for pillow plus some Xmas tags. Amanda shared gingerbread bunting plus some gingerbread mug rugs. Also Susie had some fun projects with tutorials included. All these wonderful ladies are part of Across the Pond Sew Along. To learn more about this group check their blogs or flickr group.

If you are looking for more Christmas inspiration check out the Ho Ho Ho blog hop which just started today.


  1. OMG I LOVE THIS. Caps intentional, as I actually yelled that out when I was looking at the picture. Hubby, upstairs in the shower, may or may not have thought I was talking to him. I was not :D

  2. Look at how pretty those little packages are!!! Did you invent that idea, you genius? I am putting this on my Pinterest board right away. A.Dor.A.Ble!

  3. So simple, but effective.

  4. This is so cute, each time you make a pouch, I am like "Hey I want that!"

  5. Very Cute! Love the packages!

  6. Simply elegant!! It is a stunner of a pouch....



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