Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sewing corner

Inspired by Where I Sew Month 2013 @ Pink Chalk Studio blog I'm sharing my sewing corner. Welcome! My machine is on its way from the service so I had some time to do a little clean up. Worth to take a picture right.

My sewing corner is in the smallest room in our house. I managed to move around from one side to the other three times. Geez! I didn't want the direct sun light to get on my machine so this last move might be finally the right one. I'm settling in slowly but constantly. I share this room with Mr.XY. He has his desk with computer on the other side of the room. I don't have a proper light there so if I'm sewing later in the evening I do that on the kitchen table. Sure I plan to get one. There are two high bookshelves and tall drawer. I use some space for my stash and other crafty things. No picture of that since it requires bigger clean up. Ooops.

Unused part (side) of crib ended up on the left side. Many things fit in there. Mostly stuff I created or I'm working on. Do not worry about the rest of this crib. We made kids desk out of it based on this awesome idea.

Those polyester rolls were in my way all the time. I use this material to make my own little flower but I only use tiny bits so I was so happy to finally find some space for those. You can see some displayed gifts I received from my friends. Mostly sewing buddies. There are some more on the other side too. Some greetings cards and little things I like to keep.

If you follow my blog you could already see my vinyl pouches. I would like to make the whole color spectrum. It would be so neat to look at plus there is the practical side as well.

I'm yet to hang the board on the wall. I'm still unsure where I want it. I also don't know where to put those big spools I'm currently using and there are always some piles of projects on my table. I would like to clean my drawer so I can keep those in there instead. I wouldn't mind to have clean table like this all the time.

Check out the other fabulous sewing spaces as well.

*Update: you can find tutorial for the vinyl pouches on my tutorial page - click.


  1. I love your hanging vinyl pouches - so bright and colourful,, My sewing room has the family computer desk in it too.

  2. Gosh it's so neat and tidy. I wouldn't dare show you mine!

  3. Vera are you kidding me?! This is beautiful! Those colorful pouches are such a perfect touch -- I'm definitely going to do something inspired by it for my new sewing room ;)

  4. You are creative with,little space. We will move in a few months and sew in the living room and had to clean up all the time. But i my new home I will use your ideas. I love the pouches.

    1. Thank you very much! You might want to check your settings as you appear as no-reply.

  5. Very cute space! It makes me sad that I've already trashed the unused side of our crib :(

  6. You are so organized! I love seeing your little buckets and rainbow pouches all in a line... filled with your goodies to make those gorgeous bags and projects!


  7. What a great organised sewing space! It looks so bright and cheery!

  8. WOW that's such a pretty, neat, tidy and BRIGHT sewing corner - I sew in an unfinished room in the basement - my windowless view includes unfinished drywall walls with exposed plumbing/pipes/ugly construction things, an unfinished ceiling, a cement floor - uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, lol! On the other hand, I have lots of plugs!

  9. great little space! colorful and organized...light and airy. :)


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