Tuesday, October 14, 2014

FAL - Q4 list

The last quarter is here; let's make the wildest plans ever. Have you heard about Purse Palooza? Oh yes, it's time to make some bags!

1. Super tote in Echino is my plan for the fabrics on left
2. Messenger kind of bag is on the right. Yeah, that one is ongoing from Q3

I won 3 patterns from Clover & Violet so I'm putting those into use as well.

3. Lucy hobo on left
4. Madeline bag on right

Plus I haven't played with leather and selvedges in a while.

5. Leather circles pouches
6. Selvedge bag for myself

It is also time to make some Christmas stuff. Either gifts or decoration.

7. Knitted socks
8. Cherry Christmas cushion
9. Christmas robin PP pattern

10. Honey honey cushion in violet
11. Honey honey cushion in grey

Ongoing projects.

12. Love quilt
13. Pantone quilt

And that is my lucky 13 list tee-hee!

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  1. What a list! And Purse Palooza sounds like a dangerous place full of zippers to me *haha*. :) I hope you have a very productive quarter, and (more importantly) I hope you have fun!

  2. That's a well populated list, LOL! I'll be watching for the Echino print bag (#2) and the leather embellished bag (#5) - they're my favourites :D

  3. Ambitious, but I'm sure you'll make it :-)

  4. You love lists don't you? LOL Love your fabric choices for your projects. Looking forward to seeing your finishes. P.S Make the start and finish days fall to a Monday hahahahaaa :D

  5. wow, 13. A long list at a busy time of year. Love the bee fabric, perfect for my bee squares this month! As a sock knitter myself I will be watching out for those socks!!

  6. I am planning a messenger-style bag too - for my dog! I will carry it, but it will have her treats, etc., in it. I am curious to see what pattern you have chosen or if you plan to make it up as you go.

  7. scary yet intriguing. I have little experience with bags, they scare me, but I look forward to seeing your progress.

  8. oh my goodness!! You have TON of projects going on! I am both tempted and terrified of Purse Palooza. I have a feeling once I've sewn my first zipper, I'll be hooked on bags. But for now, I'll stay safe with my quilt sewing :) (and some Halloween costumes for my kiddos). Have fun with all of these, and I can't wait to see them completed!

  9. wow, that's a long list.


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