Monday, October 13, 2014

MM - quilted pouch

Time for little Monday make. Here is how my quilted piece ended up. The construction is like in this tut if you interested to try your own.

That is how it looks inside out. I bind it the edges with red because that is what I had on hand and because you can put anything with B&W combo. Plus it is fun when some color peaking out inside.

Have you made anything or just starting something new? You may want to link up with Monday Makers too.

The pouch turned out little small and I have no idea what to put inside. I probably give it away to someone :) The starting piece was about 22x32cm and the pouch ended up as 13x9x6cm.

What is up next? Well I should finally finish pouch for my girl. She made this embroidery while ago and it's time to make something useful out of it.

The winner of Plum Crazy giveaway is #3 Gunilla. I'll email you shortly. Thank you all for participating!

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  1. What a sweet Little pouch - you should try it again longer. Love box-pouches!

  2. I love this pouch. The design and the fabric, so lovely! Thanks for sharing.
    Love from Amsterdam

  3. Thank you for linking up with Monday Makers! Vera. Your pouch looks very nice. I always like the black and white combo. How did it turn out that little in the end from the starting dimensions? What is the seam allowance?

  4. I really love the splash of red that you get from the peak inside the pouch!

  5. Your pouch is just too cute, I love the little punch of red on the inside

  6. YAY congratulations Gunilla! Your boxy pouch is sweet, Vera --- it was actually from a tutorial on Corinne's blog, years ago (Feb. 2009 - I just looked it up, lol) that I learned to make zipper pouches (with no raw edges) - that was the beginning of my zipper obsession :D I bet your daughter will be thrilled when she gets the bag made with her very own embroidery on it!

  7. Oh, that little bunny! It will make a wonderful pouch. The black/white looks great with the red.

  8. Oh I love that pouch! - will check the tutorial as the finishing seems better than in the tutorial I use. Love the bunny too, so cute!

  9. It's a pretty pouch, Vera! I love black and white fabrics, and surprise colors inside, too.
    This is a cute project. I will have to look up that tutorial.


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