Monday, October 6, 2014

Q3 - blog hop quilt finished and recap

As I said in my FAL Q3 list I was shooting for more than average this time around. Here is recap and final finish.

1. Ballerinas - DONE

2. Ikea ZOO - DONE

3. Love - no progress
4. Pantone - no progress
5. Blog hop quilt - DONE. That is my last minute finish and I'm yet to make separate post. You can read about the process here. For now it's done and hanging in its place. The lovely quilting is unfortunately not very visible.

6. Two pouches - DONE

7.  Demons - DONE

8. Scrap purge - not much progress
9. Orange peels - DONE

10. Cherry Christmas - DONE

11. Honey honey - no progress
12. Echino bag - no progress

That my friends makes it 7/12! Pretty good if you ask me. Time to make some great plans 4Q4!

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  1. gosh Vera, did you stop for breath at all? What a tremendous achievement this quarter. I particularly love the ballerina quilt and the ikea zoo

  2. Oh Vera - you got such amazing projects done - you should be VERY pleased with your progress! I'm so pleased you got Ballerinas done - you know how much I was cheering that one on, lol!

  3. I love your quilt finishes and especially your wonderful photography!

  4. Good work! I only managed to get two projects finished in time (darn full time teaching job got in the way!!)

  5. 7/12 is brilliant work Vera - congrats. Love the ballerinas especially!

  6. Wow, those were definitely ambitious goals and you completed a lot of the work! Amazing. I love the photo of your blog hop quilt hanging up in the hallway, and I look forward to more photos in your wrap up post! :)

  7. Wow, you've been busy! Beautiful work, Vera. Also, your photo backgrounds are amazing! The sunflowers almost look fake, they are so perfect!!! Simply amazing. :-)

  8. You've achieved such a lot, congratulations. I love your finished quilts, and especially like your photo with the tractor!

  9. That;s an awesome 'job done' list!

  10. You are amazing! Quite the list of accomplishments, Vera. My top three faves are the Paint Drips, Demons and Orange Peels. Clever quilting on the last one!

  11. Anonymous8/10/14 17:14

    This is wild - you accomplished so much!! The quilting on the Orange Peels is wonderful. Love the paint drips too. Actually it is all just gorgeous.

  12. Anonymous8/10/14 17:24

    Hi Vera! Beautiful Works! I love your House quilt and the pillow with orange leaves - especially these! x Teje

  13. Wow! You got so much done in three months! I especially love your peel pillow, the paint drips, and the ikea zoo. :)

  14. Love the blog hop quilt... I'm looking forward to seeing the finish post on that one! Looks like you're plugging away on those WiPs. I just finished some Open Wide Pouches too! :)

  15. Better than 'pretty good', your progress is excellent!

  16. You have such beautiful quilting and, wow, a sunflower field too.

  17. You did so well! Well done! I love everything you made


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