Monday, October 20, 2014

MM - bunny pouch

I almost gave up on Monday Makers this week but I picked up the bunny and finished it off. I wasn't sure how I should make it so I went into my scraps and zippers and found an orange quilted piece which matched one of the zippers. Matchy makes me happy.

So there is extra quilted bottom and nothing fancy for the back.

Are you curious about the lining? Oh yes you are! :) I found that orange solid so it's super matchy. Love!

I'm not starting up something new this Monday. I have plenty going on but I took some pictures along the way and I plan on putting tutorial together so you can all make this easy one exterior piece pouch yourself. Stayed tuned if you interested.

The bunny embroidery pattern can be found here. This one was enlarged and made by my daughter so there are few stylish upgrades, lol.
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  1. That is adorable and I LOVE the quilting! :)

  2. How perfect - I love how the orange highlights his cute carrots.

  3. Oh I love your pouches! The orange is perfection! Had a peek at the ones in the post below this post too! Will definitely be keeping in touch with you. A girl can NEVER have too many bags,,,

  4. Vera...this turned out fabulous! I love this sweet bunny and the orange is such a wonderful addition. Love!

  5. Tactile Touch Technology for the Ikea ad - ROTFLMAO!

    1. Oh wow I'm special - that comment belonged to a post on another blog - I guess I had 2 screens open, lol.

      Lovely pouch - sweet embroidery, great quilting and base "bling" - are you sure you didn't dye the fabric to match the zipper?!?!

  6. Very cute - I love your bunny and colour choice on this one!

  7. Such a cute little bunny and a great pouch!

  8. cute. love the carrot-orange bottom and interior - nice touch :)

  9. Simple and elegant allows bunny to be the star - which is as it should be.


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