Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tutorial: One exterior piece pouch

There are many tutorials how to make zippered pouch. Here is the Negligent style :)

You'll need one exterior piece either quilted or with regular iron on interfacing, one zipper and two lining pieces.

Measurements: A = 42cm, B = width of your zipper, mine was 22cm, C = A divided by 2 + seam allowance, 21+1= 22cm

Place your zipper teeth facing right side of your exterior piece and add lining wrong side facing up. Not pictured but right side of exterior and lining are facing each other.

Tip: If you are beginner in pouch making I'll recommend you use solid where there is no need to figure out wrong or right side.

Use your zipper foot to attach the zipper. I sew the zipper open. Once I get closer to the zipper pull, I'll lift the foot, slide the zipper pull out of the way and finish the last bit of zipper.

Place your second lining piece right side facing up, zipper teeth should face up as well and exterior piece is right sides together which means the wrong side is facing up. See the picture above.

I sew this side of zipper the same way. Sew it open, slide the zipper pull out of the way and finish.

This is optional step and I only do it if I will not topstitch the whole pouch once finished. I either topstitch or zigzag lining piece. Make sure you only sew on lining and zipper edge. This should be only visible inside the pouch.

I do that on both sides. Once again, make sure you do not sew over exterior piece!

This is what your piece should look like. Exterior piece if forming a loop and lining pieces are over lapping.

Important: Open up zipper before begging the pouch assembly! 

I prefer to make turning gap on the side. If you prefer to have it on bottom, make it on the bottom. Otherwise follow the red lines and sew the pieces together.

Box the corner on exterior piece. Make sure you have the seam in the middle. Mine was 8cm that means 4cm on the left side, 4cm on the right side. Also make sure that you make both corners the same size. Trim.

Box the corners on lining as well. Put a pin through the seams to make them face each other.

Use your ruler and mark the line. See 4cm to each side.

Once you finish, it should look like in picture above. Turn inside out through opening gap.

Close opening gap by machine or hand. Up to you.

Iron well and you are done!

There are many options for exterior piece. Make it out of selvedges, use FMQ piece or use other technique. The advantage of using one exterior piece is that you end up with no seam at the bottom.

You can also make the open wide zippered pouch with one exterior piece. Just use longer zipper and check out the different way of attaching zipper.

If you have any questions, just let me know.


  1. This is a great tutorial and makes me want to make a zippered pouch, Vera!

  2. Thanks for the nice tutorial!

  3. Looks brilliant! :) Love your style

  4. an excellent tutorial Vera, very good with all the pictures. I will be trying this.

  5. Beautiful bags, very much like the ITH bags. Thanks for the great tutorial as I will be able to make bigger bags because the hoop limits the size of the bag.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing Vera. It all became clear!

  7. I agree that the turning hole on the side of the lining is a good idea. The bottom gets the most wear and tear, and so it needs to be a good and strong machine seam.

  8. Great tutorial! Your pictures are great.

  9. Oh my - my comment disappeared into outer space - weird!

    Nice tutorial, Vera - and you do things right - no raw edges - I like that :D I like to do my openings on the side too, when I do bags with boxed bottoms - the bottom seam is a bit sniggly to sew shut when the corners are boxed :)

  10. Thanks for this Vera! This has been on my to do to make for ages!

  11. Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing!!!

  12. Thanks for the tutorial!!
    Love from Amsterdam

  13. I'm going to pin this Tutorial ... thank you Vera :)

  14. This is such a great tutorial, Vera. I have never made a pouch yet.... But recently won some ZipIt zippers. So this is great. You have made it easy for me!

  15. Great tutorial! I love the embroidered bunny on your sample. I may have to make another zipper bag. Addicted!

  16. It would be helpful for me if you would include measurements in inches too. Your tutorial photos are wonderful and easy to follow ! I love your ideas and your easy to follow directions

  17. These are so cute, any little girl would love one of these just add a strap or a chain for over the shoulder cross strap, too cute...Thanks.
    I think my grand girls would love this. Gonna have to try them.

  18. I love this tutorial! May I ask how you did the buttons on your zipper pulls?

    1. Thank you! I just used piece of string. Once on zipper I tied knot than slide button on each end and tied another knot to secure in place ;)

  19. This tutorial is wonderful! and makes me want to make a selvedge pouch immediately!!!


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